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First run that I have enjoyed!

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Just got back from the first run of week 7. I was surprised that after starting this journey I actually enjoyed that run. I feel like I have reached a turning point and for the first time I can feel my fitness improving. This plan really does work and I never believed that I'd feel like this.

To anyone who's in the early stages, keep going as the rewards do come, force yourself out to run, that is the hardest bit. If you are running today, enjoy it.


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Well done 👍🏼 I’m just about to go for second consolidation run before it gets too hot ( and busy!) I think after week 6 you really believe you can do it and surprise yourself with your level of stamina.

Enjoy your final few runs - the finish line is almost in sight!

Well done, it sets you up for the day to go early

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Well done! I'm heading out the door in a mo to do W7R2. Just revving up by reading some motivational posts!

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Good to hear that you are enjoying running. It's so motivating.

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Brilliant, well done Rinky1! Great feeling eh? 👏

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Rinky1Graduate in reply to JaxO

Its great! Still on a high from it. Are you running today?

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JaxOGraduate in reply to Rinky1

Yep, did mine at 7am. I was a little naughty though as I added a bit more to my run and managed a 5k. But, I already graduated a few years back and I just wanted to do this before the end of the month. I’ll behave now and stick to the plan 🥴

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Rinky1Graduate in reply to JaxO

Wow! Behave yourself!

Fantastic! I've done w7r1 yesterday and my biggest obstacle was the hot sun and thinking about my blood sugar levels as I'm a type one diabetic. I can't say I feel like a runner yet but I think I'm probably going to slowly but I'll keep going . I really like the pod casts as I tried it without Laura a couple of years ago and didn't get as far as this , though I wouldn't mind changing the music😂. Keep going everyone, it will be worth it 👍

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Rinky1Graduate in reply to Apprentice1932

Good for you ! I have Jo Whiley keeping me company, plus a great playlist.

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