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I´m sorry to be negative, but i don´t enjoy running.

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I completed the couch to 5k a year ago, but I live in Spain and so my excuse for not running was that it was too hot, so I didn´t start again until Lockdown. The I started the programme again, in the first few weeks running around the garden and enjoyed it. However, when the runs start to get longer 15 minutes+, I really struggle, I did my 30 minutes run last night, but where are these endorphins and feelings of euphoria that everybody else talks about? I just feel shattered with aching knees and lower back pain. There is a sense of achievement, yes, but there´s no incentive for me to carry on, plus I´m nowhere near running 5km, maybe 3km at a max. Am I the only one who doesn´t catch running fever?

27 Replies
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Do you play music? Are you still running in your back garden?

I find music which gets me grrrrr excited helps massively! The first 5-10 mins for me I’m like why am I doing this and then I find my rhythm and start just visualising something like how people will react to me when lockdown is over and find out I’ve done 5k or losing weight and people being like woah

That kind of stuff 😀

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Rhoda56Graduate in reply to HelenofTroy123

Yes, thanks, I´ll try with my own music, I´ve been listening to the app and following that. i left the garden a while ago, when we were allowed out!

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I was very much like that at first, I hate going out, I hated the run and all I want to do when I get back is sleep.

I will be starting Week 5 on Monday and I’m just about getting it.

For me music is key, get a playlist sorted. Also change your route, seeing the same thing day in day out is boring, if you can change your route you’ll be distracted looking at the scenery, thinking about where to land your feet.

Even if you don’t get to the point of enjoyment the upside of it is that it’s still good for you!

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Rhoda56Graduate in reply to wobbles_when_runs

Glad I´m not the only one, I will get a playlist organised!

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Find some stretches to help the back pain and the knees. There are lots out there.

I've never had the endorphin high either. I find running hard, and end up sweaty and tired. I don't enjoy it. But I knew I had to do SOMETHING, I just wasn't moving at all, and I like that running is just outside my door and straight in the shower at the end.

I don't think I'll ever love it like some people, though I do hope it will get easier as I get fitter. I do feel proud of myself for sticking with it, and that's a nice feeling.

And the thought that I'm doing something good for my heart helps too.

Good luck whatever you decide to do 😊

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Rhoda56Graduate in reply to SingsAndRuns

Thanks, I´m glad I´m not the only one who doesn´t like running. I will try more stretching, i don´t do enough, I´m always in a rush to just get out.

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AliceInThePalaceGraduate in reply to Rhoda56

Stretching really really helps with the pain, after your cool down stretch straight away whilst your limbs are still warm and more stretchy, I was advised to hold each for 30 seconds, and it's worked well for me 🙂😁 if you make running as easy for yourself as possible like stretching, killer playlist, switching up your route, you might just begin to tolerate it, and even like it 😃🙂 good luck !

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SingsAndRunsGraduate in reply to Rhoda56

As Alice has said (below) stretching after is better- there are special stretches you can do before but I don't, I use the five minute walk as the warm up then I do the stretches when I get back and my muscles are warm. There are some good pinned posts somewhere on this forum I think..... x

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Hola from Almeria :-)

I've been running here, along the paseo or around town but normally before 9am and it's no problem for me - I enjoy it.

For you, this is very simple. You should do something you enjoy. There is nothing wrong and you shouldn't feel guilty if you eventually decide that running isn't for you.

You've done great doing the C25K but if running doesn't fulfill you or makes you unhappy, then perhaps it's time to consider another form of exercise.

Bueno suerte



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Rhoda56Graduate in reply to John_W

That´s true, I want to achieve to challenge, but at this stage at week 9, it´s not enjoyable, though I appreciate it´s making me fitter and improving my stamina. I think I might invent a walk run combi!

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John_WAmbassador in reply to Rhoda56

Have a Google of Jeff Galloway - like Google, his name has become a verb - 'to jeff' or 'I've been jeffing'

He espouses run/walk - if that floats your boat, go for it.

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Rhoda56Graduate in reply to John_W

Thanks John, I will it may suit me better. Buen fin de semana!

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Can you speak aloud, clear, ungasping sentences as you run?.........if not, you are going too fast.

Slowing down to the recommended easy conversational pace makes it more achievable and for most, more enjoyable.

Have you done any knee and core strengthening.......you obviously have weaknesses that need addressing.

Not everybody gets to enjoy running. For some physical effort is not enjoyable, but if you build your strength it becomes a wonderful means to an end as there is no other sport that does such a good job of burning calories, building strong cardiovascular system and helping to maintain bone strength.

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I run on my own, but couldn´t imagine being able to maintain a conversation with anyone. When Laura in my ear says how are you feeling, I´m able to shout out tired, shattered etc. I really couldn´t anymore slowly. I do have a bad hip, arthritis and bursitis, so perhaps shouldn´t be running at all. I was thinking maybe I should try running for 10 mins, walking for 5 mins, something like that or just stick to walking?

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Tasha99Graduate in reply to Rhoda56

Slow down

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Rhoda56Graduate in reply to Tasha99

Really couldn´t go any slower

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Hi Rhoda

I think you have to ask yourself one question... Do I want to run? If the answer is a straight no then there’s no more to be said... find something else that floats your boat. However if it’s a yes, but... or a no, but.. then that needs unpicking a bit

If it’s a yes but - eg it’s too hot- can you run early before it gets stifling ? If it’s a yes but eg it hurts/ I ache, is there something you can do about it like stretches and exercises on rest days?

If it’s a no, but.... well that’s your reason for running- what’s your motivation?

I had a few days after graduation (maybe it was coming down after the euphoria of getting there ) when I lost motivation and I sat down and had a word with myself. Reminded myself that it’s my choice to do it - and if I’m choosing to do it then I will do it properly because my motivation is that I want to keep fit while the gyms are closed and shift a bit of middle age spread creeping up. And now that I actually quite like it I don’t want to stop, even when the gyms reopen because it’s doing me good in lots of ways that I never even imagined.

Sorry I didn’t mean that to be quite such a lecture! I had a similar conversation with my son’s girlfriend who started the programme with me but then kept making excuses not to go by about week3. In fairness she was struggling with hay fever too, but in the end she decided it wasn’t for her.

I really hope you can find what works for you ... and I hope it’s running but if not - well there’s a big world out there to choose from - once all this madness is over 🙂 good luck whatever you decide! 👍🏼

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I don't often feel the joy during the run. I do invariably enjoy how I feel when it's completed, and as that feeling can last a long time I think it's worth a tough 30-40 minutes.

Compare that to how I feel if I don't go, and the gremlins win. Well I can be annoyed with myself all day .

Also it's doing me a lot of good. I have probably never been this fit.

Hopefully these comments have made you realise that we don't all feel fantastic during it ( why would we, it's bloody hard work 🥵)

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Rhoda56Graduate in reply to Jell6

Thanks, it is hard work, I am happy when I complete a run, I´m not like, wow, I feel brilliant, usually more like, great I did it, thank god it´s over.

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What I feel after running is incredibly relaxed. This feeling lasts for several hours after the run. I don’t feel euphoric. I think running has improved my mental health.

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I take it you've been out early by 7am to beat the heat and taking some water with you? and you don't always have to do 5k, just mix it up, maybe just 3-4k?

How about this? It maybe a bit easier on you..

Watch "Slow Jogging: science-based natural running for weigh-loss, health & performance benefits" on YouTube


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Rhoda56Graduate in reply to davelinks

Hi Dave, that looks interesting, I´ll try it tonight., though would never make 5km in 30 minutes! No, I´m definitely not an early riser, I go out in the evening and the advise says you don´t need to take a drink with you, I find that this is true. As for distance, well I´ve never run 5km yet. Thanks for the advice.

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davelinksGraduate in reply to Rhoda56

The advice I gave was based on my own experiencies, and to try and help you enjoy running more, because you are finding difficulties.. I know what the c25k advice is thanks.

No, water need not be taken on c25k if properly hydrated but maybe a good idea if a very hot day as it can be in Spain, not only for drinking, but splashed on the face or head as a refresher, running in the cool of the evening is fine, but it varies, some go mornings some evenings.

The only other thing I can think of for you is to maybe slow down and strengthen the leg muscles.. You can crosstrain on non running rest days with swimming, cycling, crosstrainer, virtually anything as long as it's not running, there are also strength & flex and stretching excercises to be found in the pinned posts..

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Rhonda I’m 49 year old male im lucky physique wise I seem to have muscle memory from being in gym for 5 from 15-20 years old. So Externally I look like an athlete but internally I’m like an 90 year old on a zimmer!!! My cardio is non existent. I used to teach people if getting what you want in life (being from a sales back ground and doing well in life) the one thing that is a sure sign for failure that a lot can’t see is “the positive mental attitude bubble” you hear people say visualise this it’s easy your running, your body is so relaxed, your breath is in flow with your steps, this soooooo easy!! Abs so On on & on. The problem here is you now expect this to be easy and when it’s not (as nothing worth having ever is) you quit or look for excuses to stop as it’s not how you visualised it to be! You have to visualise “REALITY” it IS going to be hard your breath is going to be gasping you feel like you can’t do the next 1 run never mind the next 7 you must mentally prepare for the battle & when you do this it becomes easier no matter what it is as your ready. The reward you get is not the 30 minutes doing this as one of the fittest men on the planet will tell you David goggins it’s hell run but he runs everyday why because he knows it’s for his body to stay healthy and the rest of that day NOT the running time. When I meditate I don’t meditate fir that hour I meditate for the 23 hours that follow to set them up for the challenges in them 23 hours. Hope this makes sense? Your not alone it’s tough it kills me I’m on month 2 day! I am doing 9 months week 1 is actually 1 month for me & week 2 is month 2. 12 runs each on average.m, as I just do not have the cardio, however slowly I can build in 1 week after 24 total minutes if running can I go to the next stage? No I have tried it before I know my lung capacity I can actually walk faster!! Good luck stay focused & stay “REAL”

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Sorry a lot of spelling errors etc quick iPhone typing & didn’t check it first hopefully it makes sense? Basically I can run in 1 week for a total of 8 minutes a day x 3 days 24 minutes in total then go to the next stage my lung captivity can just not cope, sometimes I am nearly throwing up! So I change/Adapt to reality of this body (which I know well) which is a longer period but sane goal in the end.

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Why are you running ? Maybe someone recommended it?

Find what is right for you How much movement and exercise have you done in the past? There are so many factors involved it’s not as simple as it has been made out to be. Alignment, strength and conditioning are important and necessary if you want to improve and go further. Aches and pains means are signs that the body needs some help and support .

You’re not negative. It sounds as if you need some help, support and coaching.

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Thanks for the advice everyone, something to think about.

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