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C25K'ers "will I ever ENJOY running?"

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I graduated a year ago now. When I was slogging through the programme, I thought "if I run any slower, I will be going backwards" and often wondered "will I ever enjoy running?" It was such hard work, my legs felt tired - and so did I. I had many power naps and read longingly about the "runner's high"! Good news though, because, although the programme is hard, it does get to the stage when it is enjoyable. I remember running in certain places thinking I will never make it to that next tree. Now I run on and on and feel I could keep going longer - today, I ran for 80 minutes and covered 12km and enjoyed it! So keep at it, work through the different stages knowing that you are laying the foundations that will enable you to run for fun one day soon!

14 Replies
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You're doing so well! A real inspiration! I'm about 2 months behind you and was always inspired by your tenacity and enjoyment.

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JoolieB1Graduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

Really it's just about going out regularly, good and bad runs, giving myself some slack from time to time, even had a period of run-walking but somehow my old toffee legs have done well

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Hehe I remember you asking that question. Great post and so true. I'm not sure we know when it all changes it just does one day and then your totally hooked.

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It took a while for me to really enjoy the post grad runs but if you keep going you definitely do reach the point where the running itself is enjoyable. It can take a while to grow those running legs but I love my running now and a year ago when I had just graduated it was definitely still hard.

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GOod for you! Great stuff 😀

I can't wait to be back out there 🙂

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Possibly, the best post I have ever read. I will keep on, knowing that one day the elusive runners high will find me 😊

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JoolieB1Graduate in reply to McFitty

I have found there is a high in other sports too - cycling for example is good on a running rest day and I still get to feel good, step aerobics - which I do at home using You Tube classes with Jenny Ford (I like her as she is not super skinny)!

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Excellent post! Great news! 😀👏🏻👏🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻😀

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For those of us just starting out, that's exactly what we need to hear! I'm only one week 2 and although I haven't felt as if I'm about to keel over, I certainly can't imagine running for fun yet!

Thank you!

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This post has made me think.....do I enjoy my runs? This triggered a whole load of other questions!

Can I enjoy doing something despite it feeling hard work or do I have to get to the stage when the runs feel easy? But does it ever become easy? Is it the challenge, the effort and feeling of satisfaction that make it so rewarding? I suppose it is finding a balance between challenge and effort. On some runs I sometimes get a sudden realisation -"I am really enjoying this run", usually on the easier parts (flat!) when the fresh air, views, solitude, and peace are stronger than the sometimes overwhelming effort of putting one foot in front of the other! Do I enjoy running...Yes, I LOVE it!

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JoolieB1Graduate in reply to skysue16

There is a sense of achieve,ent being able to run non stop for 30 minutes, 5k or more and feel reasonable afterwards. There's also the fact that I can run past those trees and keep going when I still remember I could just about stumble between them when doing C25K! It's just a sense of getting away from everything and doing what I want while nosing around the town - someone left their front door and car keys in their door with the cars right there on the drive - they had been hanging in the lock all night but I was able to do a good deed cos I was so nosey!!

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What a lovely post. I think even if not everyone enjoys the actual act of running there's always the high afterwards or the satisfaction of pushing yourself and achieving. Definitely something for everyone!

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JoolieB1Graduate in reply to melly4012

The main reason is that (1) I decided to run at a comfortable for me speed. Right now that is about 7 mins 30 seconds per km. I don't want to struggle and sweat when I can sail along and feel ok as I feel I can keep going (2) also I am doing a distance that is good for me - 2 x 5 and a 10k. If I feel good, I could keep going but only a bit more to protect my sturdy little legs LOL

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You will , or rather you’ll enjoy the feel of having done the run yet again 😊

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