New shooos!😁

New shooos!😁

Thought I'd better put a pic on of my new shoe's, as is the law! Now who started this?!πŸ˜€

Anyway, I tried 4 pairs on in the shop after gait analysis showed I had a more neutral gait, I thought I pronated more, and am now 2 sizes up from usual casual shoe size which is 9 and 10 for running shoe then the next pair 10.5 to 11 for these. Seems a to go up every time I replace my running shoes! think it's down to different brands as well. I found these so comfy as soon as I put them on and immediately took to them, but when I winced at the price the guy gave me a free pair of socks, but they're supposedly the best for me with more cushioning , we will see!😊


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60 Replies

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  • Sassy!!!

    Wowsers Dave...loving those and the silver streak! I bet they were mega bucks!!!

    Hey.. that could be your new name... ! The Silver Streak !

    Many Happy Runs xxxx


    Hope Slinky is doing okay... maybe she may need some new little running treat too :) xxx

  • Yes, I gave her a compression top, now isn't that romantic!πŸ˜‚

  • Bliss.. love a man who knows what a girl needs :) x

  • Was thinking of having a change of name and profile picture, that'll mess you all up!πŸ˜‚

  • Silver Streak...wearing your new shoes?? x

  • Ooh nice πŸ‘ , I seem to have gone from pronating to neutral.....and now up 2 sizes from my normal shoe size.....πŸ€”......not sure about the pronating thing, as you don't see actual running experts talking about it......but the cost of the shoes makes no difference......I have found I don't get toe bumping and bruising in the slightly bigger ones....

    Or, I'm turning into a hobbit.......πŸ˜‚


  • Madge, I could have bought a pair of saucony's For Β£55, they felt OK but indifferent to my old shoes, didn't want to pay Β£130, but these felt great as soon as I put them on. I noted what Bob said and will wear them around the house first to see if any niggles arise..

  • You in your sassy shoes and Slinky in her compression top...then new look in evening leisure wear! :)

  • Madge, feet get bigger as we get older, like ears don't stop growing, Meanwhile, our feet become longer and wider with age, as the tendons and ligaments that link the many tiny bones lose elasticity. This allows the toes to spread out and the arch of the foot to flatten.

  • Don't ears stop growing..???? Gosh..mine are as small as they have always been... they are tiny for a grown up!!!

  • So they say, and it came up on a game show recently, you'd think that we'd have burrs the size of elephants by now then wouldn't you, but then you're unique floss, one of a kind!x 😁

  • My lugs are tiny, too. I went and ordered the headphones that you said you'd got for your teeny tiny ears and have had to send them back as even with the smallest bud thingies they would not go in. I am now getting over the ear ones. Sigh.

  • Blimey.... your ears are smaller than mine then!!! We are so special :)

    Glad you are sorted :)

  • Ha, ha ha! πŸ˜‚


  • Really? πŸ™€ Oh my goodness Dave, I better start measuring my feet then

  • Nhs, Dont worry! they won't get as big as boats!😁

    By the age of 10, most girls have completed 90 percent of foot growth. A boy completes about 80 percent of his foot growth by the time he is 10 years old. The feet have stopped growing for most girls 14 years of age. Foot growth stops for boys when they reach 16 years of age.

    Nevertheless your feet can "mechanically" get larger as you age as your ligaments bones and muscles give in to age and become more relaxed. You can have a bigger shoe size as you get older but it isn't because you are still growing but because you are aging. You stop growing by age 24, feet and all.

    So, keep running to keep the muscles good!😊

  • Hubby said men's ears grow as they get older and married. Specifically the left one. I love my hubby

  • Ha Ha! I know one of mine gets battered! have now gone deaf in that ear!πŸ˜‚

  • Didn't we have a conversation about your hobbit feet a while ago, Madge :)x

  • Not too sure.....πŸ€”, they haven't gone all hairy.......yet....πŸ˜‚


  • xxxx πŸ˜ƒ

  • Hey Dave,

    Good to see you're still at it πŸ˜€

    Those shoes look gawjus!

    I had a new pair of Brooks Ghost 9's very briefly at the weekend. I bought them Saturday but after half an hour wearing them around the house my little toe kept falling off the insole! I took them back on Monday and exchanged for Saucony Ride 10's which are a direct replacement for the Saucony Ride 8's I've just worn out.

  • Hello B0bp, how are you doing did you reach your goals?and how's your son doing?

    I'll bear that in mind about the shoes and wear them around the house for a while and see if any niggles come up..😊

  • Still running Dave, had a few months where I didn't run much but I'm running every other day again. Lifting weights on my non running days.

    The wife and I did the Longhorn 10k as our first event on 23rd April and really enjoyed it. No training at all and about 6 runs in the 6 weeks prior to it s I'm more than happy with 1.15 for 10.45k

    My boy turned three late January and he's a little belter with apparently no fear πŸ‘€

    Hope you and the Mrs are well?

  • Yep, not bad, been trying to keep up the with 1-2 runs a week and like to do Parkrun, and going out with missus, she's doing c25k again. I've got a virtual 10k to do in June...

  • Lovely shoes Dave. I do like Brookes!

    Like you i have a size even bigger in the Brookes.... two sizes bigger than my day shoes. But they do the job brilliantly!

    Here's to many happy running miles in them!

  • Hopefully jacs I can get the pace up a tad more..😊

  • But...getting the pace up.... safely... :) xxxxxx

  • Lovely shoes there Dave. Adrenaline? I had the Glycerine which a tad less cushioned I think.

    I keep digging out my supposedly-retired BRooks Cascadias πŸ˜ƒ

  • Glycerine​ MW, supposedly the best cushioning for me..😊

  • Oooh they are lovely Dave , gorgeous colours . Hope they do the business for you .

    Yes that's an interesting point about your feet getting "bigger " as you get older . I used to be a Size 4 and now I need a size five and a half running shoe .

    Blimey at this rate , my feet will be like canoes by the time I'm 60 ! :-)

    Love to slinky , I think you should change your name to Silver Fox :-) xxx

  • Poppy, Ive gone past 60,imagine how big mine must be now!πŸ˜‚

  • Ha ha ! :-) They must be like flippers ! :-D xxx

  • I hope that's not true poppy. I already take 6.5 in normal shoes and my runnng shoes are 7.5. At this rate I'll have clowns' feet any day soon 😭

  • Will have to call you Irish Princess Bigfoot then ma'am!πŸ˜‚

  • Ha ha ! I'm going to have them Turkish shoes with the curly- up toes :-) xxx

  • Ooh lovely shoes Dave. Happy running in them. Did you get a free mug too? πŸ™‚

  • ? No, got some free socks though..😁

  • πŸ™‚

  • What emoticon was that IP? all I got was x in rectangle!😊

  • A nice smiley! How weird.

  • Your on Apple IP? android doesn't recognise smilies from them..

  • Yes on my iPad. God knows what I've been sending out all this time! Think I'll just stick to exclamation marks in future. Everyone knows where they stand with those.

  • Don't worry too much, I don't think it does it to everyone's device, but have had Same thing from Sandra, and she's on Apple..😊

  • Very nice!πŸ™‚

  • They are very nice - really like the colour!! Where did you go to get them?

  • Up and running in Sevenoaks, found them very helpful..

  • Thanks - just thought there might be a nice little running shop in Croydon I didn't know about. Went to a different Up and Running a few months ago and they weren't that helpful so glad you got on okay.

  • In Croydon there's 2 stores, my favorite shop may be Decathlon, a big store, not bought anything there yet, but asked a question about gait analysis and got a good willing response. Then the next nearest store for me would be intersport in Oxted not been in there though. Then going into London run and become..

  • Thanks for those. I bought my first shoes in Sportsdirect by Ikea and been to Decathlon near there as well but just bought a water bottle. It has been very useful!!

  • Of course that's 3 Sportsdirect in Croydon

  • Beautiful! I love my Brooks (adrenaline), so comfy.

  • Clever salesman πŸ˜€ The shoes are nice , I like them πŸ‘

  • Blooooo! Love 'em x

  • A thing of beauty! I want some! πŸ˜‰

  • they looks pretty awesome, looking for some new ones myself. i dont think these entry level asics are up to the task any more, being quite a heavyperson i think ive tortured the hell out of them and they dont feel right anymore so have decided to stop at week 9 and do the smart thing. i was looking at these hoka on one clifton 3s(bit of a mad design) but they are quite cushioned and good for wider feet. they are usually Β£100 but can get them for Β£70, any thoughts? sorry for the post hijack

  • Yeah, for a heavier bloke best to have plenty of cushioning, go to your local running shop for a gait analysis & fitting..

  • nothing really local enough. best i can do is the wet foot test :D neutral

  • Shiny!

  • I don't think they'll stay like that for long..😊

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