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Week 1 completed

So happy to have started C25K. Was my New Years resolution to start running. Looking forward to completing this and joining my local parkrun. I have moments of doubt that I have the motivation to actually finish the program but keep reminding myself "I'v got this". Great to read people's comments and see that there is a community out there to help if needed through the process.

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Never doubt! Have faith in the programme and yourself. Dig in and do it 😃

It is best done really slowly and steadily. That way you are more likely to go the distance 😃

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Congrats on completing w1!! 🏆 I've just finished my second run... like you I'm battling those negative thought about not finishing the 8wks but my next run will be on Friday and that's all I'm going to focus on - one run at a time! Good luck to you!

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