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W6R1 challenging but worth it!

This run was a toughie for me, both physically & mentally. By the end of the 8 minute run I felt exhausted, I seriously thought about turning off the podcast & just walking home in defeat. Luckily I kept the podcast going though & when Laura said it was time to run again I realised that I could do it, so I did!

W5R3 felt like an amazing achievement for me & I wasn't really expecting to feel that same sense of pride for W6R1 but I do, I feel great!

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Well done you. I am doing W6R3 on Friday and am looking forward to a few consistent runs. throughout the next few weeks. I struggled with W6 both run 1 & 2.

I think for me in W6 the real eye opener has been just how much the walks between the runs are part and parcel of the whole programme.

I thought it would be easier as the intervals seemed to be less total time, but the distance covered in the W6 runs was further than W5R3

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Week six is the hardest!

By the way, never quit. If you feel that you really must stop then do so. Have a minute and then push on again 🙂 It's fine, and it beats packing in and going home 🙂

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