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W6R1 tough but worth it

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Well I know I'm not the first and definitely won't be the last to say that was tough. After the euphoria that was W5 R3 it felt a bit more disjointed this week. I think it's a mental thing rather than anything else as I proved to myself I can run for 20 mins.

First 5 min run was ok but the middle 8 min run felt hard and I was relieved when Jo said to slow down. I think it's partly because I knew it was "only" 8 mins so I was anticipating and focusing on the end rather than easing into the run and just forgetting about the time. Mind over matter!

Of course it could also have been that I purposely found a flat route for W5R3 but went back to my hilly route near home today but because I'm getting fitter, I went much further than before and so started going down a steep hill during the 8 min run which felt great but when I turned round I obviously had to climb it again which was tough. Also hit another hill in the last 5 min run so the final 60 seconds was run uphill through gritted teeth as I couldn't let it beat me lol.

Still, kept going and completed the run and feel great about it now, even the hills. Total distance including the warmup and war down walks was just a smidge over 5k today which has really made my day. I appreciate the distance is less important than the time, and not looking for comparisons with anyone else, but looking back at my distance for week 1 its a huge increase for me which and one that I never though in week 1 I would ever achieve.

Happy running to my fellow week 6ers and keep smiling to everyone wherever you are in jour C25k journey.

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Good work, Ren! I too found this one tough, and really resented the recovery walks. I think "anticlimax" is the word I would use for this run. After the achievement of 20 min run, this feels like a step back. But! I have faith in the programme, and can only surmise the intervals are there to get you in training for the next leap forward - 25 mins! - which I loved, by the way. πŸ˜€

Well done on a run well handled! You are doing so, so well, it is lovely to witness. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Well done!

That is the longest continuous movement to date, so not to be sneezed at.

Be proud.


Whoop whoop...well done! It took me three attempts at W5r3 & i think of it now every time I reach 20 minutes! Be prepared for week 6, back to walking breaks but it’s not an easy week so stay slow & keep steady....keep us informed πŸ˜‰


Oooo w6r1...now then....I found this quite hard, expecting it to be easier because of the walking, how wrong was I? Nearly there now eh? Slow & steady is the way....keep us informed πŸ˜‰

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Well done you!


Well done and w6r1 is a tricky little blighter that seems to catch so many out


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