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Back on track after a lovely holiday break!

Hi all, Just back from a lovely 7-day break in Wales - lots of good food, good wine, walking and sight-seeing, but sadly no running. So even though I had completed R2W7 before my holiday, I decided to ease back into the programme by returning to R1W6. And boy, am I glad I did that! ;) Felt a bit bilious during the second of the three running sections, but by the third, I'd rallied. Yippee! Hope I can get back into the groove with the next run.

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It's not a bad idea to take a step back, what's next? Back to W7?


Ha! Thanks Curlygurly2 - you're forcing me to think about this and plan ahead. At the moment, I think I'll continue with the rest of W6, as R3W6 will put me back to where I was distance-wise in W7. Then I'll see how I feel.

So, I've now got a plan. :)

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