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Like the Blur song

you know, the one: All the people, so many people, and they all go hand in hand, hand in hand through their Park Run! knowwatahmean?

Wait, is that not what he says? Well, it ought to be

Having started my new job, which is a nine to five, monday to friday (oh joy, oh bliss, oh rapture after 8 years of working most weekends) it means that my weekends are forever free forever more. Which left me at a bit of a loose end, until Mam suggested I try park running.

The nearest place to us is a country park I used to visit when I was little, very nice scenery around a lake.

OK, I thought, that sounds nice, it's a nice place...completely forgot about the steep hills when I went not to park run but to familiarise myself with the route, steep, rocky hills which I now distinctly remember climbing at the speed of lightning when I was little, probably because I had smaller feet then and the boundless energy that came with being 7 years old.

Well, I still signed up and went, I jogged a bit, fell back and speed walked it all, chatting amiably with the tail-runner and thinking seriously about volunteering to be the tail-runner next week whilst doing so (I know speed is not as important as doing 5k but hey, at least you're supposed to be last as the tail-runner) especially with my epic 'second to last female to cross the finish line during the mayor's race' performance last week. (3 laps, 5k, 47minutes)

And on the up, I did shave a few minutes off my time on saturday (5k, 2 laps including hills, 44 minutes), tail-runner commenting that I walk incredibly fast and she was absolutely stunned that I ran up a couple of hills, because I said running up them was less tedious than walking them.

I've also been encouraged to join the local 'Let's Run!' group by both Mam and a nice lady called Jan who I worked with at the hospital. My first run with them was supposed to be last week but we couldn't find anywhere to park the car and had to turn back!

Oh well, next week we'll do it and maybe I can shave a few minutes off my time at park run next week too

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