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Music/songs you like to run to

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Please post your recommendations for music you like to run to. It would be brilliant to know what works for other runners. Ha! Calling myself a runner now... Sometimes you just don't think of songs even though you know them. Any feel good tracks, anything upbeat, anything that gets you moving and feeling energetic? Maybe we can treat ourselves to new playlists for the new year ('cause we are going to keep running, right?) :)

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Bananabanana3 already made some great suggestions that work for her:

We didn't start the fire

Living on a prayer

Shut up and dance

Uptown girl

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Lots of Beatles songs have an excellent running beat especially Love me do, Pon De Replay, Rhianna, James Brown, I feel good (not an especially good beat) brilliant for warm down song because that's exactly how I do feel at the end of a run!!, Shake it off Taylor Swift, Born to Run, Bruce Springstein, Uptown Girl ,Billy Joel, Baby Love, Diana Ross, Up All Night, Take That, I could go on but you get the idea I'm sure !!

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Some fab advice here on how to create your playlists:

I'm a language freak so a lot of the music I listen to is in other languages, especially Russian and Spanish which I've been learning for 3 years. I think a song can still work for you if you don't understand the lyrics though. At the moment the song that drives me along best is Idu from Tanzi minus (Russian).

Haven't tried running to any of my music yet though, still in w7 of the podcasts

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I've only just got back into listening to music on my training runs after a good while of not listening to anything as I run. This morning I was listening to Ellie Goulding's (she's a runner too!) new album, Delirium; so many great running tracks on there. On My Mind, Don't Panic, Codes, Lost and Found and I Do What I Love are just some of the standout tracks, for me. Pretty much anything by Ellie is runnable though.

Carly Rae Jepsen's latest album, Emotion, if you like great pop, as I do, is top-notch for a run too. Upbeat and fun, just what you need.


Over the years doing different sports I often tried to make playlist, but most recently now I'm older, and less time (and doing C25k) I found some pre-defined playlists on iTunes / Apple Music. (Search for "workout")

There are also some albums you can buy or subscribe to.

They have all the upbeat hits from 2015/2014....

On a funny note, I was listening to one of these yesterday on w8r1 and Madonna came on singing "caught up" with the first words in the song....."time goes by..... So slowly".... Made me chuckle, especially when I still had 10 minutes to go!



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I tend to listen to Rock music and have a playlist consisting of Thunder, Whitesnake, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden and a few others that I listen to. Need to be careful though there is the off thrash metal tune on my phone and one came on while running. I nearly died trying to keep up!!! lol

I agree with Big-Andy...almost all of the songs on my playlist are Iron Maiden. A lot of the songs from the Somewhere in Time album are perfect for maintaining the 175-185 steps per minute cadence.

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Big-AndyGraduate in reply to groovyforster

Absolutely Somewhere in time and Seventh son albums are excellent to run to. Then pretty much all the Maiden albums are.

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I have started using the app RockMyRun. It lets you download playlists of various genres free, and has continuous 15-30-45min running mixes, sometimes at fixed bpms. I really like it as you get surprised by some songs you may not have picked!

It's good as my taste in music is mostly slow and sad so not great for running!

Hi I have a playlist and some of my favs. are

Paranoid by Black Sabbath (great rythmn)

Im the voice by John Farnham

Don't fear the reaper by Blue Oyster cult

Na na na na nah by the Keiser cheifs and

A song that goes Im so glad I found this im so glad I did im so glad I found this im so glad I did...

Its by the editors. Very inspiring!

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