So much easier finding music to run to in sync with your rhythm

I completed the first run of week 7 (25 mins continually running) yesterday. Up to now I had a playlist that consisted mainly of 70's disco hits as they had a good beat. However 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams popped in there and suddenly it was like an epiphany!! I was running really comfortably to the rhythm. I looked up how many beats per minute the song was and discovered it was 160. So I made a playlist of songs that were just , but also were very consistent in their rhythm, like "I'm a believer" by the Monkees etc.. The difference it made on my first go out at 25 minutes was incredible. I was actually smiling!! Don't know if this works for everyone but it definitely made it feel so much easier.


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  • I downloaded an indie running playlist for Spotify was good.

  • I found the same thing (embarrassingly with an old Nik Kershaw track I love to sing along to). I used to play bass guitar in bands so locking Into a rhythm really helped me.

    A bit of research and I found the RockMyRun app. It's amazing - it matches the speed of the music to your running so it's always a perfect match. You either set it manually if you know the BPM or it uses the phone sensors to adjust to your pace.

    I love the disco playlists and it turns my local streets into a dance floor. I Will Survive at just the right tempo gets me through some tough ones 😁

    It's free for a week or there was a groupon for a cheap 6 month subscription when I got it.

    (Just be careful you don't speed up with a tune you like as the music then speeds up, so you speed up, the music gets faster etc until you're sprinting 😳)

  • Pink floyds shine on you crazy diamond done it for a heavy rocker and iron maiden etc made me go too fast lol

  • Lol! Me too - run to the hills!!!

  • You can get the same effect if you like listening to radio or an audiobook by putting a metronome on your phone and having that tick away in the background. I do that when I'm out for one of my slower endurance runs and it stops me from going off like a rocket* and getting knackered 5 mins in.

    *like a rocket needs to be put into context: I am actually pretty slow, but you know what I mean.

  • I've just discovered Spotify Running - going to give it a go tomorrow. Sounds similar to RockMyRun, above.

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