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Week 6 in the bag!! Run 3 powered by Metallica


Well I've done it - over lunch break I went for the first 25 minute run of my life!

Like so many before me, I would never have believed I could do 25 minutes in one go when I started. It's very encouraging to read of other people's experiences.

Another three next week at 25 mins seems doable and then up to 28 and then 30 doesn't feel like such a big step as the other ones.

I'll need to be a bit more selective with the playlist. I listened to "The Black Album", and the first four songs were excellent and I really felt I could match my stride to the music (and "Enter Sandman" is excellent for the warm-up walk). However after that, it tended to go into slower songs that had a more complex rhythm, so didn't have that propulsive feel.

Though I'm mainly a classical fan, in general classical music has too much variability in pace and dynamic to be good for running. I think I might mix some Bon Jovi in with the Metallica next time!

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Metallica, Classical music, cellos: Apocalyptica:


In my opinion this is absolutely fantastic (helps if you know the 'metal' version, though).

iain-strachanGraduate in reply to MarkyD

Yes, I've heard of Apocalyptica. Good suggestion!

iain-strachanGraduate in reply to MarkyD

For a classical piece that goes absolutely hell-for-leather, I don't think you can beat John Adams's "Short Ride in a Fast Machine":



Can't comment on the music (I listen to the spoken word), but congratulations Iain - you are a runner!

Congratulations Iain, I always enjoy your posts!


Big well done to you! It a great feeling isn't it 😊

iain-strachanGraduate in reply to Jomarie1979

Yes it is a great feeling - not just the sense of achievement. But I actually feel for several hours after a run that it's as if the joints in my legs have been well lubricated, and there is an ease of movement that I didn't feel before. I don't know if this is due to endorphines (though I've yet to experience the so-called "endorphine rush" during the run itself.

But I've certainly not experienced aching joints after, or the next day. Such a good program!

Well done!!! 👍🏻

Well done and nice choice of music.


You'd have to select your Bon Jovi songs carefully as well, they also have some slow tracks. As much as I hate the genre, I find my son's rap albums have a good beat for running so I've been using them and saving the rock for when I get home.

Well done on completing W6, the finish line is now in sight, as is a well earned (insert beverage of your choosing here).

That graduates badge will soon be yours

iain-strachanGraduate in reply to Burrows79

Yes, I've heard rap works well, too. I quite enjoy Eminem, so will try that.

As I've said elsewhere, the choice for classical (my preferred genre) is limited, but minimalist composers like Steve Reich, John Adams and Philip Glass work well as they are very repetitive and at a very fixed pace and dynamic range. Steve Reich's "Octet" and "Music for 18 musicians" work very well, and have the sense of driving forward.

But it's definitely no good if you get a slow song when you need a bit of encouragement. I'm very fond of Pink Floyd and Radiohead (my local band, coming from Abingdon!), but for running they'd be a dead loss I reckon!

Burrows79Graduate in reply to iain-strachan

I think you may be right, Pink Floyd and Radiohead may be a tad too slow to run to.

I'm going to see if my son will make me a playlist on my phone (I'm a bit of a techophobe) so I can include music from across the genres, there's not much I won't listen to so I've got a good chance of finding an hours worth of upbeat music with a decent tempo, I'm not running for an hour (yet), just don't want to listen to the same thing all the time.

iain-strachanGraduate in reply to Burrows79

I'm wondering if there is a website where you can search for songs by tempo. So if you find one that works well find out the tempo and then search for songs with the same tempo

KimLoulouGraduate in reply to iain-strachan

I have discovered Justin Timberlake!! On Spotify there are lots of running playlists

Don't want to interrupt 'boys talking about rock music chat'....but well done Iain. It is baby steps from here to graduation and the end/beginning is in sight. So now the longer runs are here how about trying some novels or podcasts to lose yourself in the runs? They don't have a beat but do have the benefit of interest when running longer...Alternatively try death thrash heavy metal/disco 😁

iain-strachanGraduate in reply to helenwheels

Thanks - I do get the feeling that now there will be 3 more runs at this length then easing up to the end by 28 then 30 and that doesn't seem psychologically to be such a big jump. I can still remember when I dreaded having to keep going for 5, but now I'm like: just 5 more minutes - I can do that easy!

I suppose I could listen to Radio 4 like I do in the car! ;-) the talking might help as well as a distraction - I find when one of the trainers talks for a bit (e.g. to give a running tip), that it makes the time go past quickly as you're listening to what they are saying.

I can confirm Bon Jovi is great for keeping me going!! 🎤🏃👍🏻

I keep returning to Nivana 'Never mind' ' seems to do the trick W6R2 :)

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