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Finding motivation with music

Hi all. After a few months post grad (about 6 actually) I was starting to lose the will to go out there. I'm not one for stats so personal bests don't do it for me.

Today I decided that a change of scene and of music might help.

I went onto this website


and took my pick.

I chose:

Eye of the tiger

hungry like the wolf

Walking on sunshine

livin' on a prayer

Every step you take

Losing my religion (not in the top 100 but seemed to correspond to my mood)

Raise your glass.

Worked like a charm. I actually ran faster than usual. Amazing what a change can do.

Any suggestions for a running playlist out there ?

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I always find that if I don't want to go out on a run whether a parkrun, a run by myself or a run with the SRC, I will listen to the song 'this is war' it's not a running song as such but it always makes me realise that I have to fight for what I love to do, that's what I think anyway, but my thoughts get muddled up sometimes, anyway that song makes me realise what I fight for each and every day and that is to keep running and walking every day for as long as I can,

I also like roar, and because of you by kelly clarkson, and a few other songs but those are the only one's I'm lucky enough to remember the title's to :) x

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Thank you for those suggestions


My play list has a similar feel.

I like

Burning Heart

Final Countdown

Take on me

Hit me with your best shot

Hit me baby one more time

Bath out of he'll


I was made for loving you

Plus various others on shuffle.

Love 80s for keeping me upbeat.

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Should say Bat out of he'll (auto correct x) Bath out of he'll is a whole different song x

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the eighties had tunes with a strong beat


I love cheesy 70s music, Rubettes, Sweet and Donna Summer - favourite at the moment is Cerrone, Supernature.......abba also good for smiley running!

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