Life in the Fast Lane: Running with heart rhythm problems

First blog ever... It's been over a week since finishing C25K and I'm enjoying the C25K+ podcasts with Laura, making great progress. Speed (interval training) is really fun and satisfying, and the increase in cadence is helping me cover more ground. I've been replaying that podcast, thereby doing it twice with a 5 minute cool down walk between before taking a day's break. What a great workout! Stepping stones works well also to increase distance by increasing the cadence in phases during the 30 minute runs. I haven't tried endurance yet but will soon. I'm up to a little over 4K in 30 minutes now- a 25% improvement in just a week! I wonder sometimes if I'll ever make it to 5K then 10K then 1/2 marathon (my heart's desire.) It seems so far away.

Running with heart rhythm problems has been challenging but definitely rewarding, and I feel so much better than if I were just sitting around. The medications disturb endurance and speed and sometimes leave me feeling tired or dizzy. There have been some days that my body just won't go & I've needed to stop running, finish by walking, and try again the next day. (Patience is definitely difficult.) That problem seemed to be more frequent during the earlier long runs of C25K than now. All in all, I don't think I could have done this without the podcasts, Laura's help, and reading your blogs. So, big thanks to all of you for an encouraging plan that works!


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  • you are amazing - loved your post

  • Thanks! :)

  • Great post. "I'm up to a little over 4K in 30 minutes now- a 25% improvement in just a week!" Goodness, that really is a huge step up, well done! It gives me hope that perhaps I'll be able to get a bit above walking pace after I've graduated!

  • Oh yes you can! And thanks. I'm still slow too, but I think the hope for improvement is realistic. In the midst of C25K, especially those first longer runs, it just didn't seem so! If I can do this, really anyone can.

  • Snap!

    I have to be really careful too, if I run too hard and my heart rate gets too fast it whacks out of sync. Not good. I found this lovely slow build up in the programme great for my confidence. I have been checked out of course, not in any danger, but it is disconcerting. Very well done on your achievement. It's given me renewed ambition.

    I will look out for your next chapter.

  • Thanks. Great for you! And thank you for pointing out the necessity for getting medically checked out. That's just crucial for any of us cardiac athletes out there! Haha- we're athletes now! Keep going. And good luck & healthy running to you!

  • I'm in awe, not just of your determination despite health issues.... But also because you describe 'Speed' as FUN?! I wish I knew the secret... ;-)

  • Those 1 minute jog-run intervals are actually pretty fun! I'm still quite slow though but it gets better most every time. Have you tried the C25K+ podcast? If not, perhaps you would like it too! Easier than the 3' run- 1' jog that is more typical!

  • I do 'Speed' and 'Stamina' every week these days as part of my training, as interval session and a tempo run. I can do them but find it hard and much prefer my longer distance easy run..... Think I'm built for comfort not 'Speed' ;-) but I'll keep plugging away, perhaps it will grow on me. Great that you love it, happy running to you. :-)

  • It sounds as if you have the same problem as me. My irregular heart beat can sometimes knock my heart rate to over 200 which is not good, so like you I have to listen to my body (a lot). My doc has just changed my tablets because old ones were causing bad side affects with asthma and circulation. Its taken a couple of weeks for heart rate to settle back down again, although still a bit fast.

    I found Speed Podcasts was fun, its quick to do (if short of time) and gives great results too. Have you tried doing a ParkRun yet? They are great for getting used to running with others. Check out their web site its free, they run every Saturday and now have hundreds of venues throughout the UK. Good luck.

  • Thanks, Oldgirl! It's good to know there are more of us out there giving a great life a go as cardiac athletes.

    I am quite envious of your park run system and thank you for the link. I enjoyed perusing it. Our family loves the UK and visits periodically, even though our daughter finished in London (LSE) a few years ago. I think some day when this heart situation stabilizes, I shall come run one with some of you, if the park run people will allow that.

    Living in Dallas, Texas, USA, we do not have such a system, but we do have many charity races with the money going for wonderful causes. I have signed up for my first 5K for St. Patrick's Day to benefit the Food Bank, where people in need go to get food for their families. Thousands of people enter and most dress in fancy dress, green of course! I understand from our Irish friends that we celebrate St. Paddy's much more than the UK- that it's not such an event for you. For the young ones here, it's more an excuse for fancy dress and probably too much drinking. I plan to stick to the fancy dress, maybe a green ballet tutu skirt!

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