🎶Let's Run Together by Razy Music 🎶 (apologies to Bryan Ferry)

After a rather epic run last Thursday I had taken more than a few rest days just to make sure my legs had forgiven me.

Today I was up and ready to go. No faffage as all my kit was prepared in advance, so I was straight into my stretches and out the door.

Being a woman with a rather low boredom threshold, I had already decided to use a playlist I haven’t used in a while but added in a few new tracks which I need to know well as I’m going to be involved in recording them for a Rock Classics Album in Abbey Road Studios with the London Symphony Orchestra in a couple of weeks. (Not that I’m excited or anything.)

So I set off on my five minutes walk singing along to Vida La Vida by Cold Play and was soon in the zone. It was a beautiful morning, with a crisp frost underfoot, but the sun just peeking tantalizingly through the clouds. I’d chosen a route I haven’t run for a while as well, so I was really invigorated and within very little time was into my running stride through the park.

The path took me through some bushes all decked out in sparkly spider webs, there is so much payback for running in the cold when it’s like this, and I was just enjoying taking it slow and steady. I climbed up and over the motorway and was then running between two fields, and enjoyed the sight of a couple of buzzards hovering above looking for prey.

I was starting to get a little tired having coped with a few inclines, when another of my choir tracks came on. Let’s Stick Together, by Roxy Music. And my brain was off once again making my own version of the lyrics to keep me going, and wondering why I hadn’t suggested any Roxy Music for the Retro Runners Playlist that Jancanrun has been compiling.


Now the running bug is very sacred

The forum’s put us together now

We ought to make it, run together

Come on, come on, let’s run together.

You know we made a vow to try to keep running on for ever.


Now you should never miss your run unless your muscles are tight,

Come on now runners give that new route a try

Let’s run together

Come on, come on, let’s run together.

In our virtual world, we don’t have to run alone ever.


Well if your stuck for a while when you’re running outside

You know you’ll be happy when you’ve run far and wide.

Let’s run together

Come on, come on, let’s run together.

Over hills and dales, we’ll just keep supporting one another.


Unfortunately singing along and running at the same time left me slightly breathless, but a pheasant in the field nearby looked totally bemused and decided to keep me company for a while, running alongside me in the manner of Road Runner. Laughing after singing while running certainly doesn’t make it easy, but he kept me company for a hundred yards or so, and it tickled me.

The next part of my run was the tough bit, a long slow incline, which just seems to be never ending. But somehow I managed to keep putting one leg in front of the other. Having a few tunes I hadn’t listened to for a while certainly was more motivating (so those of you who have recently graduated and are finding it tough, try putting together a new playlist and see if it helps you). I hadn’t even realized that Annie Lennox had recorded a track especially for winter running , “Running on Frozen Grass”, which was so appropriate (I think I may have misheard this – perhaps it was actually “Walking on Broken Glass”, who knows.)

Anyway, pretty soon I’d got to the end of my run and had a sprightly walk home determined to start thinking about tracks for another invigorating playlist. Having read posts from IannodaTruffe and mrrun my next one may be a classical music list. Any suggestions would be most welcome.


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6 Replies

Nice one I hadn't thought of Mr Ferry, but just done 70s...

I am not so good on the classical but I'll have a go...

Thinking cap is on! Nice run too after the epic journey


There's no good or bad running music, just the stuff that you like a lot, whatever that may be.

I can't run without music, or with other people. I deal with people all my life and l want them to leave me alone at least when I'm running. :)

Abbey Road, Classic Rock, eh? Nice job ;)


I can’t run without music either, and like running on my own, but enjoy running with my virtual running buddies from this forum.

I find some music more conducive to my running than others. For example in the summer I was listening to some Shoenberg as we were singing it at The Proms , but it didn’t work for my running. I did enjoy the concert though. 😀👍🏽


I somehow missed your earlier epic-run post Raz. Wow that was a head-smacker of a run/walk/collapse! Glad this one went a bit more to plan. 😀I had forgotten Roxy Music for the 80s list! Music is so personal, whatever gets the feet moving. I am listening to lo-fi ambient stuff at the moment.

I also love the pheasant following along with you! I had a rabbit run along with me for awhile one morning which was fun.

Here’s to more faff-free runs!

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Thanks Decker. My run this morning was so much easier than my last one thankfully. I know that music can be a very personal thing, but it’s always handy to get ideas from other people. 😀

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Totally agree on the music!

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