WOW! I'm overwhelmed by all of your support - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! First run under my belt and I've never felt so motivated!

Never in a million years would I have thought so many people would bother to write a reply, you've all made me feel super welcome and I feel really lucky to have found such an enthusiastic bunch!

You'll be glad to hear I went through with it last night, my first run is under my belt and it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. I snuck in two cheeky extra 25 minute brisk warm up walks either side of the exercise as I forced myself to walk to and from the run site. I even gave Laura my all on the last 60 sec run and did a little sprint... I felt like a leaping giselle (if only for 10 seconds before I collapsed back to a light jog) but I'm really excited about my next run and graduating the course.

Actually BEING a runner has never felt so real but I know it's got to get harder before it gets easier.

My lovely boyfriend has also decided to take up the challenge, he is naturally slim but says he wants to get fitter (I think it's a ploy to support me) so the pair of us took to the circuit last night so, I wasn't that lonely after all!!! I'm not a good running partner (I had to plug my headphones in to concentrate on the beat of the music and laura's voice) and I felt like stopping half way but his presence helped me continue on and we got there in the end.

Thank you all, I couldn't have done it without you. How have your week's been? Will post on Wednesday after my second run....

I am using the app as I like that it connects to my iPhone music playlist. Can anyone recommend any running songs? Here's a few tunes that helped me through yesterday!


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28 Replies

  • Really well done ngm.

    In many ways W1R1 is the toughest one just because you have no idea what to expect. The key over the next couple of weeks is to continue to take it steady.

    Doing too much too fast is the biggest cause of injuries and niggles and we all hate those.

    As for tunes. You have got to have "Gonna Fly Now" (The Rocky Theme). :)

  • Good choice!!! I think i'm gonna whack a playlist together for the app - I really enjoy a range of music, I even had a wee boogie to Jackson 5's 'ABC' on the way round, I thought it would be too slow but it's just right for where I am at the minute!

    Annoyingly, I am one of those ' too much too soon ' people, so I have a niggling feeling that I'm going to push myself too hard, hut myself and give up. I can't help it!!!! Once I put my heart into something, I want to do it really really well but I know I've got to listen to Laura and take it slow.

    Slow and steady wins the (non-literal) race after all!

  • Well done, girl! Keep that enthusiasm going over the next 9 weeks. You'll be amazed at what you can do!

  • Thanks Steve! I appreciate it. I'll post again on Wednesday.

  • What a great start and how lovely to have your boyfriend out running with you. Good choice of music :)

  • Thanks so much! It's so nice to know you'll all there for support... I'm excited about tomorrow for run number two xx

  • To second everyone else, well done you!! My boyfriend runs with me too (probably to make sure I don't cheat and take the bus when I've had enough) - I also run with my headphones in so I can't imagine he's getting a lot of enjoyment out of running with me! Everyone is right about taking it slow though. It's taken me until Week 4 to realise that I need to jog slowly, whereas with those one minute runs the temptation to sprint was too great and I kept caving. You will find as you progress through the programme that you start to find your rhythm .

    My favourite songs to keep me going when I'm flagging: Animals by Martin Garrix, Scream & Shout by Will.i.AM, and Let's Get It Started by the BEP (mainly because when they sing 'the bass keeps running running' at the start I feel like they're literally telling me to keep running!) Enjoy your second run tomorrow!!! Keep the enthusiasm up! :-)

  • Great tunes! I'm thinking I'm going to have to make one big playlist of all our tunes to post up here... haha they are all so good.

  • lovely to read that! As in few weeks I'll be exactly twice your age my running playlist sees me warming up to velvet underground's sweet Jane and miles Davis take five... Queens don't stop me now is great to keep going around the last few minutes, and then the cool down can start while being congratulated by Tina turners simply the best ;)

  • Love a bit of Tina Turner! Thanks for sharing xx

  • Well done NGM, you have done it, you have taken that first vital step which is the hardest of them all. We will always be here supporting you through your highs and lows. Unfortunately I am still listening to the U2

  • Thanks Junew! I appreciate it, I've got my second run tonight so will post my progress...

  • Oops, hit the wrong key, as I was saying, still listening to the U2 album on my runs as I don't know how to download music and waiting for my son, well say no more. Never mind I know California off by heart... x

  • Brilliant, well done and all that - you did it, you made that first and biggest step.

    So if you continue to stick with Laura, take it steady, come here if you need help, support, advice or just want to say 'I feel great!', then you will graduate.

    I'm so pleased to read this and wish you all the best with the rest

    :) xx

  • Thanks Pink Angel! I know, I can't wait to graduate... I've only had one run and I'm dreaming of the day I can wake up, put on the running shoes and go for a half hour morning run before work. I'm really excited to get started in my new healthy lifestyle.

  • Most of my running is at 6am before work.. just THE best start to the day :-)

  • Yey! You're on a roll now, well done for starting.

    Try 'Love runs Out' by One Republic (quite a favourite on this forum, I think).

  • Thanks MarkyD! Can't say I've come across One republic yet, but I'll check it out

  • Here you go:

  • Ah, good to hear that you enjoyed it ! It really is a fantastic programme.

    Trust in Laura and she will get you through.

    I am the Queen of Cheese when it comes to my running choons, but Ive also get everything varying from Pitbull to Ant and Dec . :-D

    Keep going, youre well and truly on your way now. Exciting times ahead !

    Good Luck and keep posting ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug! Kind of you to reply, got my second run tonight so will keep posting...

  • Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Well done and glad to hear you are getting support, it is really important

  • Thanks!!!

  • Ngm well done you, that's fantastic. I'm already proud of you for getting that first one over and done with. Just remember thou stick to the program, 27 runs to go. I was enthusiastic like you and wanted more, just take your time.

    An old proverb of mine from my military days was a man can't eat an elephant whole. But you can eat an elephant in small bits. :) and this is your elephant in bits. I stuck with the program and suffered no injuries. It's a big thing your gonna be doing and I want to see you as a grad after 9 weeks :)

    lecture over ;) run like the wind and skip like an angel. You can do it and like I said I'm proud you have started already. Keep posting but most of all enjoy :) J

  • Thanks Jase! I think I need a bit of grounding sometimes, got my second run of the program tonight so will let you know how it goes...

  • Excellent look forward to hearing about it :) J

  • Well Done.

    I run naked (without music) on Monday and was amazed how good that felt. I too have used the App so that I can listen to my music. I didn't create a plkaylist just left it run with everything that is on my phone. This could be Cyndi Lauper, Nickelback, Dolly Parton, Evenessence, David Guetta, Legally Blonde the Musical, Evita, Etc.

    Last night I run with my husband so left the earphones out but the music on - This can be a little embarrassing as every time there were people around my phone played something really obscure :).

    Good luck for the rest of week 1 and beyond. Keep posting. :)

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