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I am 48yrs old. I have always enjoy walking on and off. However, since last September l have developed a very nice routine for walks. Last month l walked 5miles every day and even climbed Snowdon. I have been eager to run and have failed several times on the treadmill. But now that l know l am slightly fit, l have been waiting to start run. Coming across the Couch to 5k has boost my confidence mentality which is very important. I did start running this week using my body needs. It was great. But today was very good as l did have to look at my watch for start and stop. Let's see how far l can go.


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  • Well done, you are in a great place to embark on running, good luck and enjoy it 😎

  • Follow the plan and also this forum. That way all the advice and support you could need will carry you through, building confidence and self-esteem alongside the stamina and fitness. Good luck.

  • Well done 😊 you have made a start...follow the programme,take your rest days and don't push too hard!

  • Walking is the bees knees! I walk all the time. I walk/run to do my errands now, and shops I previously believed were too far away, are now within easy reach for me, simply because I have trained myself to do the distances. Anyone can do it and it's free! 🙂

    Running is a natural progression and I'm sure you'll do well. You only go very slowly and the jog bits are mercifully short for the early bit of the programme 🙂

    It's fun too 😃

  • Can you still combine walking and learning how to run in your weekly schedule. Obviously the run is hatdly giving me anything compared to my walks. Hence l am doing the run as a side and continuing my walks. Is it sensible?

  • I also love walking and deliberately set out to include more walking in my life for about a year before I started running. It was a great basis and meant I had no real problems completing the programme. I still do a lot of walking. Have fun!

  • Yes you can walk on your non run days, it counts as cross training 🙂

  • Hi AJ! Well done for getting started. I'm 46 and have always walked but C25K has turned me into a runner too! I still walk whether it's more gentle or hiking and try and get out on my bike a lot too. Never thought I'd ever use the words 'cross training' but it really improves your overall fitness. Go for it!!

  • Thank you for encouraging me. I am a bit concern as I don't want to overdo it. I do walk a lot. The C25K training won't give me too much of a boost initially. Hence, I want to continue with my walks. Is it still ok to train for the C25K and continue to do my long walks? I did my 30mins C25K yesterday and then after a couple of hours went for a 12miles walk. Is that sensible?

  • In the first few weeks, I did sometimes have a long walk later in the day after a run first thing. Towards the end of the plan I found I needed to do this on my rest days as my calves were a bit tight. In fact, I'd say it's important to respect the rest days and alternate days off with days cross training - like a hike or bike ride. Just make sure you listen to your body and if 12 miles the day after a run is too much, do less and ALWAYS stretch properly after running!! If you stick to the plan it will allow you to gain in strength and stamina safely. 🙂

  • Thank you. I never planned 12miles walk but we got lost and end up adding extra 4miles to our trip. I tend to go for long walk on weekends. I will try to do the runs weekdays with short walks weekdays.

  • Oh dear! We've often followed a route only to find out that it was written ages ago & the stile/tree/path isn't there anymore leaving us lost! Your run/walk plan sounds sensible. Hope you enjoy the programme - keep posting!

  • Went for another run today. Body feeling the impact. May be l should take more rest days. I tend to maintain 10000steps per day. Will have to let it go if l want to carry on running

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