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I am going to start the c5k this week if I cannot run for the full time required is it still effective if I walk fast?



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  • Walking and running use different muscles. Try to run as much as you can in the beginning if you don't manage the whole amount walk the rest. The important thing is to keep going out and giving it a go until you conquer the run. Many people stay in week one for awhile as their bodies adjust. The best advice I can give to you is take as long as you need with each week. It is not a race and the extra time you put in will be so worth it. Good luck.

  • I didn't realise that I could repeat a week if needed so that is a great help thanks so much for your advice and a speedy reply.

  • No problem, our mantra on here is slow and steady, I personally took a lot longer than 9 weeks to complete the program and my favourite events now are half marathons, so you can do it.

  • Thats brilliant thank you.

  • Can you already walk for 1/2 hour? If so you will be ready to start the programme.

    Even on the runs go as slow as you need to & slow down some more if you're having problems.

    I bet you'll find that even when you think you can't, you'll be able to do much more than you expected.

    The important thing and the hardest thing is just to start!

    Keep us posted, we'll all be cheering you on.

  • Yes I can I walk my dogs twice a day totalling 1-2 hours but running and me don't go very well, that is very encouraging thank you I am actually looking forward to beginning and changing my health.

  • The first 'runs' are 60 seconds and then you get to walk. For those 60 seconds, keep it real slow. A really, really gentle jog. Lots of people think "oh, the running bit" and speed up only to get really exhausted really quickly. (ask me how I know😂). The run only has to be a fast walking pace but using the running motion. This is seriously doable, believe me. I repeated a few weeks (one week I repeated twice). Good luck and keep posting :)

  • That's great advice thank you

  • You can already walk , thats terrific, so use the programme to concentrate on learning to run. Dont walk so fast that you have no energy for the runs. Its a pacey walk but NOT a power walk. When you run go slow and steady, and slower still if you need to, just keep moving one foot in front of the other .

    You can do this! Good luck!

  • All this advice really helps and the response and encouragement is brilliant I am so glad I made the first step this morning thank you 😀

  • Above all else, have faith in the program and yourself. I remember week two and feeling every extra second on the longer runs (90 seconds). Now I can run for 30 minutes, just like Laura promised.

  • Great thank you all I ever see are experienced fit runners so to hear here are others out there who may have been as slow as me is encouraging 😀

  • I can run, but I'm slow still. No worries, a slow 5k is as far as a fast 5k😃🏃🏼‍♀️ Just run👍🏼

  • Even Olympic runners were "as slow as you" at one point!

  • You come up on the 'people near me' list on my profile. We've ran two very successful C25K groups over the last five months and our third one starts tomorrow. If you'd prefer the support and encouragement of running with others at the same level as you why not come along.

  • Thank you for the offer but I work shifts so keeping to scheduled times and days is difficult for me.

  • We all started where you are! Just go at it steadily, in your own time, and you will get there.

  • You do need to actually run for the specified time. Mind you, I used to think my running was slow, if I got any slower I would be going backwards! I graduated about a year ago now and I run now at a reasonable speed so speed can come later, much later! The secret is to run slowly so you can keep going for the time needed

  • Okay I will try thanks

  • What makes you think you won't be able to do it? Do yourself a favour and have a little more confidence in yourself, kiddo :) I started C25K after one month of walking 5K every day - having done zero sports for 28 years. I managed, and so can you. So go for it and don't give up before you've started!

  • That's true should be more positive and I actually am after such good encouraging responses, I just know I could walk all day but can't run for the dogs ball but that will change thanks 😀

  • Welcome! C25k is such a great programme. Following it is one of the best decisions you will ever make! The way the programme works is that once you complete a run you move onto the next. If you can't manage all of the running sections then the suggestion is that you repeat that run again until you can before you move on. Give Week 1 Run 1 a try. Try to push through the running segments and remember to go very slowly. Slow down, slow down and then slow down some more! Whatever it takes to get you through it. You may surprise yourself but if you can't manage it then just repeat until you do. Once you've completed one run, even if you found it tricky, you can move on to the next. The running segments might seem daunting and sometimes the jump from one week to the next feels huge but the programme is magic and if you completed the previous run then you absolutely are ready for the next. Make sure you take at least one rest day between runs (more if you need to - the runs don't necessarily have to be completed in a calendar week) to avoid injury and allow your muscles to recover.

    This forum really is the best place on the internet and is full of the most amazing, inspirational people. The forum folk here absolutely got me through the programme. Post after your runs to keep us informed of how you're doing and use the collective experiences of everyone here for advice, encouragement and motivation. Let us celebrate your successes with you. We will be with you every step of the way! :)

  • Well just learnt something else new about break days so that's great thank you. The response is amazing and I am truly grateful I wasn't expecting it at all thank you all and I will 🏃🏼 😀

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