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Joys of Spring !

Not only has today's Parkrun been cancelled due to the snow but so has the Ironbridge half-marathon tomorrow.

The snow is still falling now - we have a few inches here but parts of the HM route have more than a foot of snow and some trees have fallen over the path in places.

This may be a blessing in disguise for me - my training hasn't gone well and followng my off-road 10k on Sunday, I had to cut short my running club training run on Tuesday and miss Thursday altogether due to pain in my Achilles tendon. While I'd hoped to be able to plod gently round without aggravating it too much (the first 8 miles are down-hill or flat) now I have a chance to come up with a three-week plan (they are hoping to reschedule for 14 April). Usually, I would include a bit of hill training so I'm ready for the big hill at mile 9 but I think I probably need to avoid steep hills to give my achilles tendon a bit of a rest so will have to try and do lots of calf stretches etc to try and make it stronger instead.

The 5x50 challenge starts next weekend too so I'll have to juggle that in somehow as well - it may have to start with a loooong run next weekend. Or possibly tomorrow if the snow eases off.


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Hope your achilles clears up soon and certainly in time for the HM; yes a blessing in disguise cancelling it!



Snow is still coming down so they certainly made the right decision. My neighbours have even managed to build an igloo today !


Wow! An igloo??!! :O Real crazy weather.....


Looks like being re-scheduled for next Sunday. Yikes ! Not much opportunity to train AND rest then !!


Oh wow! Well that's day 1 of the challenge sorted!! :D :O Just watch your Achilles, please!! :)



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