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W2R2 this evening

Yesterday was my rest day, although I'm not sure I can call it a rest, it was my day off work as well so I had the household duties to attend to.

Got the kids up at 7.00 for school and sent the older 3 off at 7.45, 8.10 I walked my little one to nursery (I used to drive him there) so got a 45 minute walk in nice and early.

Then it was off to do the shopping, again I elected to leave the car at home and walk, get home, shopping away and prepared last evenings dinner, well, cooked the chicken ready to have cold with a salad.

I then got the cleaning done and it was time to walk up to nursery to collect my son, I also took the dog with me so we walked the long way home to stretch her legs and let my son feed the ducks.

According to Samsung health (with I use for my step count) by the end of the day I had taken over 21000 steps!

Is this too much on what should be my rest day or because there was no running involved am I ok to walk as far as my legs will let me?

Thanks in advance for any advice, which, as always is greatly appreciated

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Wow!! I did my W2R1 yesterday and I don't think I could walk a quarter as much as you did. I don't know if it will affect your run but it sounds like you are smashing the healthy lifestyle :)

Good for you!

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Id say it all depends what you are used to and your current level of fitness. As the runs get longer you may wish to rethink a bit but either way walking is very good for loosening off post run muscles.

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Hmm.. well.. only you know how you feel...but I call that 'other exercise ' on a rest day..which is what many of us do.. whether it is walking swimming, gardening, yoga, cycling etc..or in my case twp lots of shed building :)

You are young.. and fit, with the small ones !!! They really keep us fit¬¬¬

I am older.. a lot older.. :) and when small granddaughter was born, i was averaging nine miles a day pram pushing, five days a week. plus my three runs a week... plus any other exercise or work... I say this not to sound complacent.. or sound wonderful.. just if this old snail can manage it. then i think you will be absolutely fine... Just take it, as I do, as ever.. slow and steady and see how you go... You can always stop if you need to :)


Unless you are normally very sedentary that should not cause any problems. I don't count all my work related walking, taking the dogs out fr an hour, outdoor activities with the kids etc as part of 'exercise-indiced fatigue' as its just the daily routine and the body is used to it. Unless you are rehabbing from injury or edical condition, 'rest days' are best considered 'active recovery' days, rather than 'slothlike coma' days. The body needs to keep moving just not being subjected to the rigours of training days. I put Sundays aside usually as a rest day but go for a longer walk with the kids and dogs on the hills, wearing a weight vest. It's not greatly strenuous but keeps the motor ticking over.

This is contingent, of course, on how it actually makes you feel. If you are utterly shattered at the end of the day (or more shattered than one usually is with 3 small children) and your legs feel in **** order, then you might want to dial it down a notch.

My rule of thumb for whether I am overdoing it is if my muscles are unable to perform to their usual level next time you work out/run. If I cannot lift as much or run as well on session2 as session1 then i know I have not had enough rest.

It takes a while to understand all the cues your body gives you but after a while 'lostening to your body' becomes second nature.

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Bit of a misnomer really isn't 'rest day'. Lots of advice tell you to do other exercise on these days such as: walking, swimming, etc. Wouldn't it be great to say Rest day and spend the day doing a little as possible. "Mum can you just...", "Sorry - rest day." "Whats for dinner?", "Nothing, its my rest day".

It is really just a non-run day.

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Walking is great cross training and the more you do it the more your fitness levels will improve. You will lose weight too I suspect. Your children will benefit from being more active too so everyone gains. You might well be more tired at the end of the day so you might all be turning in earlier zzzzz 🙂


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