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Just getting started!


So I thought I was the typical couch potato, and for various reasons decided it was time to do something about it. Downloaded the app a week and a half ago, and set off to see how I got on.

How wrong was I. Turns out I was much less fit than the typical couch potato! I only managed 2½ of the one minute runs after the warm-up, and I was dead.

Just goes to show that getting started is the biggest hurdle. Two days later I managed 4 runs, then 5, 6, and then finally I managed the full 8! Today I've just completed W1R2, and can't quite believe it.

I'm nervous about W2, but I've reassured myself that I could always repeat one of the W1 runs if I need to - I guess on Wednesday I'll find out!!

So, the message is if I can get started, so can anybody. I've not quite got the stage where I'm enjoying the running especially, but I am enjoying the sense of achievement having completed the session, and the feeling that tomorrow is a day off!!

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Well done! I've just completed the same run tonight! I really struggled! I think I'll repeat it on Monday as I didn't quite manage the minute all 8 times! But well done on starting, and getting this far x

That is a real achievement. Well done for sticking with it. Look how far you've come already! Like you say you can repeat runs and take it as slow as you need to. Every step is building your strength, stamina and fitness.

Thanks both! I think the beauty of this programme is that it gives you lots of small steps so you can build up as gradually as you need to.


Go Pruesdad!!!! My favourite bit of the podcast is when Laura says" it's time to slow down, you have 90 secs to recover". I live in hope that I will like the running one day but like you I like the post run feeling the best!

As for progressing to the next week, what I keep reading here is - try the first run of the next week and if you really cant do it, call it a practice run, repeat the last run of the earlier week ( after a rest day if course) and when that goes better than before ( because it will, every day you get stronger), then take your rest day and start the new week.

Between us here, we are really old, really overweight, physically injured, anxious, embarrassed, shy about running in public, have never run, love our sofas, we've got it all. While no one person ticks all the boxes, between us we have it all.

Have faith in yourself, your cyber running buddies and the program.

And well done 👍🏼 👏🏼 for what you gave already achieved.😀😀😀

Thanks 😊

As for ticking boxes, I tick most of those! Maybe not "really" old, but old enough to know I need to do something about it!!

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Also, I've got Sarah Millican telling me what to do. Her accent makes me smile, and every little helps!!

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You are the second person I see posting about Sarah Millican. Is that the app as aposed to the podcasts which I have (Laura)? I like Sarah and would certainly give her a try, but Laura us good too!

Yeah, the Public Health England app. I started with the podcasts, but preferred being able to choose my own music.

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Thanks, I will check it out😀🎧🎼


Yes, I found the first run a killer and wondered how on earth I was going to even complete week 1 but I just kept plodding on slowly and sometimes even slower- whatever it took to keep moving forward and here I am about to start week 7! The fabulous feeling of achievement when you complete the runs (in my case a sort of joggy/wobble) and the support you get on this fab forum spurs you on. Good luck on this journey.


Well done for getting here. It is a great place with loads of advice and support... :)

Well done so far... and as you will have gathered, the mantra is steady and slow. You take it at your own pace, but follow the programme and make sure you take the rest days too ...there is no real need to repeat runs at this early stage... if it was a struggle, then just slow it down even more...think Snail on a go-slow :)

The linked NHS Strength and Flex on your rest days may help your core strength and stamina too.. many of us used them alongside C25K.. and we still do, occasionally!

Let us know how the last run of Week 1 goes.. and keep posting. Onward and upward :)

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