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How to get back?

Hi guys, hope all is running well! I am Asoum from Jordan and I am 29 years old.

I was first introduced to C25K two years ago and I have to say nothing gives me more happiness than the feeling I get after each run. I managed to complete the 9 weeks but I unfortunately had to stop right after due to some health issues related to miscarriage and pregnancy. Don't worry, after two miserable miscarriages I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy who is almost one year old now :)

I recently went back to my running activity and have reached the first run of week 5 but I am very upset that I haven't got the chance to go to the gym and its been a month! I wonder how to get back, shall I just proceed with week 5 or start again all over?

Please help me to get back asap!

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Hi! I think it would be fine just to carry on with Week 5 - why not give it a try and see how it goes? If you struggle you can always revert to the previous week.

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Personally I'd take the other approach, because I know I lose motivation easily if things are harder than I expect, so I'd go back to week 3 or 4, and pick up from there. Just to make sure it's manageable. :)


As RainbowC suggested, I'd just jump back a week & regain confidence to go forward.

Welcome back.

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Hi, nice to "meet" someone else running in this part of the world!

Why don't you do a W3 run, and if it feels really easy, do a W4 run next. If that feels really easy you could move to W5R1.

If W3 isn't easy then you know you've started at the right point and you can consolidate by finishing W3 before moving on.

At the end of the day, it's about finishing the programme, not how quickly you finish it.

Oh and mabrouk on the birth of your son :)

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Thank you :)


Oh! thank you guys for your wonderful suggestions. I actually did the first run of week 5 today. It wasn't as bad as I expected. I manged to complete the run but felt a little bit tired during the day. Anyways I am just so happy that I got back!

Have a great day/night everyone.


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