Daunted by week 5

Hello all,

I completed week 5 day 2 this morning. Found the jump from 5 minutes to 8 minutes running a bit of a leap, (although I found 90 seconds to three minutes tougher).

I've now had a look at what I'll have to do for day 3 and it's 20 minutes straight running. That seems quite a jump as it's over twice as long as I've run (certainly more than I've done for 25 years).

Did anybody else find this tough?




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23 Replies

  • Yes.

    This is the most common 'Help' on this forum. We all found it terrifying, but most people will achieve it. The program has been conditioning your body & physically you are ready. It'll simply be mind over matter on W5r3. Whilst you are running, break the distance down into bite-size pieces: I'm going to run to that streetlight, now I'm going to run to that patch of sunlight, I'm going to run a little more slowly to that drain-cover. Other people find counting your steps a distraction. Whichever way you do it, know that you are not alone, and we've all been through it.

  • Thanks Marky,

    I'll take your advice and keep on pushing on towards the lampposts.

  • Yes it is daunting but my goodness the most satisfying run of the whole course!! I was close to tears when I completed it....it is just psychological....you've run 20 minutes just not without walking push through because you can do it....trust me I graduated today and felt wonderful but week 5 run 3 is the big and best......YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

  • Congratulations on completing the course! Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Hi Pete! I finished w5d2 yesterday and I'm too feeling a bit wobbly about the large 20 minute run coming up next. However I've decided to just go for it, not let negative thinking get in my way. We CAN do this (and if we don't, we just try again. But we CAN).

    GOOD LUCK! You can do this.

  • Hello Fitsticks,

    Good to know that there's someone else in the same boat! We'll have to compare notes after we've completed our runs. Good luck tomorrow if you're running.

  • My next run is on Friday morning, I'm only currently running twice a week as I'm also doing HIIT workouts, going to gradually increase to three runs a week. I'd love to hear how you do!

  • I did w5d3 this morning! Felt amazing. Made a thread on it? Have you done yours yet?

  • If you have been following the programme your body is ready - just got to convince the mind! You will be elated when you complete it - looking forward to your achievement post!

  • The programme works. You will amaze yourself by running for 20 minutes and you will feel on top of the world. And remember you can take it as slow as you need to. Good luck 😀.

  • Ditto everyone else ... I simply could not believe that it was humanly possibly and almost talked myself out of it before I started but the elation when you do it ... and you WILL do it ... is amazing! Small chunks, don't focus on the entirety of the run, lampposts as already mentioned, minutes, quarters whatever gets you through but trust yourself and the programme ... but above all check back and tell us how it went! :-)

  • It's my 20 minute run tonight, gulp. I repeated run 2 twice as I knew I wasn't ready. I'm now physically I'm ready but my brain is playing catch up. Lol. Looking back at the struggle of week 1 though i am amazed at the achievement, so I will do it! Fingers crossed for you, just run for it.

  • No harm in building yourself up. I had to do week three three times. Once after a cold upset my rhythm, once after a calf strain and again after tonsilitis.

    Best of luck with tonight's run, You're over half way there!

  • Let us know how all of you get on with W5R3! I'm in W4 myself, so I've got that to look forward to...

  • Nailed it this morning. Week 5 is something else! But what everybody says is true. It seems almost impossible but the training you've done so far makes it doable.

  • Yay for you! :D

  • I told myself I was going to run 5 minutes four times. I don't know why on earth that would work but it did.

    I did my Week 5 Run 3 before work and then spent my whole shift telling everyone that would listen that I had run for 20 minutes without stopping. I don't think I've come down from that high yet and it was more than a year ago.

    As everyone says, your body is ready for it. Your mind just has to catch up and get with the program. :)

  • I'm back and I did it! Oddly minutes​ 5-6 and 17-18 were my toughest but i kept going. Feeling great now and one step closer to being a racing snake!

    Let us know how you get on Peter. See you in week 6.

  • Brilliant! Really well done. I'll tell myself I've got to run the end of the promenade and if I get done before that it'll be a bonus. I don't think it's going to be easy but I want to bask in the glory like you!

  • Well, thanks to everybody for your tips, advice and encouragement.

    Everybody was absolutely right! I split my run up into four minute segments as targets, one fifth of the way there, two fifths etc. I looked at my phone as I passed the twelve minute (three fifths) mark and must have then got into a zone as the next time I looked I only had two and a half minutes left!

    My original target of reaching the end of the promenade wasn't ambitious enough. I had to turn around with a minute and a half still to run.

    Feels great to have run that far (3.4km) in one go. Looking forward to week 6!

  • Well done..feels fantastic doesn't it Peter😊

    You ran for 20 Mins.. non-stop. This plan really works..believe in it and yourself😊

    Onwards and upwards Week 6 next...

  • I really struggled with the move to 8 mins. Had to do the day again. I completed 20 min run yesterday and although not 'easy' was easier than the initial 8 min run. You can do it x

  • Yes, I completed this morning. I probably found the jump from 90 seconds to three minutes harder!

    Well done to yourself for doing the 20 minutes and good luck on week 6.

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