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Just an update

Hi Guys,

After my recent shambles of Week 7 Run 3 (25 mins), i have now completed it, and will be going for Week 8 Run 1 tonight, (28 Mins).

Still doing the garden, so the runs are about every 4-5 days at the moment, as i have been aching after loading skips, and shifting bricks! 5km time has come down from 41 mins, to 37 mins, so definately seeing progress.

Hopefully im past all the donkey work in the garden now, and my running cant start to pick up again!

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When I'm in the garden I want to be running, when I'm running I'm worrying about my veg plot. Blimey, there's no let up is there. You are right to be careful and have extra rest to recover from your building exertions. No hurry with Couch to 5k, it's best to take your time. Don't worry about time taken or pace! The only thing you need to do is finish each session. Your pace will pick up further down the line, beyond Graduation, when you have been running regularly and slowly building up your distance. It takes many months to build a running body. We are classed as beginners til we have run beyond 18-24 months.

Have fun! Take care


Thank you!


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