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Man flu (sorry blokes for being sexist)

Well due to start week 3 run 1 tomorrow after a couple of days off due to work. Buuut I've got the dreaded lurgy. Typical not had a cold for months and start something I am loving then get ill. I am sooo determined to do my run tomorrow but as I feel so rubbish with a bad cough is this wise? Shall I go and see how I do? Don't want to loose my mojo and my fitness I've built up so far.

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General rule is - above the neck OK to run, below wait until it's better.

Err on the side of caution. Better to lose a day or two than a week or two because you pushed too soon. You won't lose all your fitness in a day or two.

Get well soon.


Ah I have a chesty cough with it so I think I'll see how I am tomorrow. Hoping it's one of these 2 day things when you feel crap for 2 days then ok. Thanks for the advice.

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Stay up..recover🙂 Mojo and fitness...they don't go that quickly!!!

Get out again when you feel better🙂


Thanks guys I just worried I'll loose what fitness I've gained if I take a couple of days off. Guess I'm hooked. Duvet day today.


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