Change of plan

Was due to start week 9 tomorrow, but decided to do my first ever park run on Saturday instead (well it is a special Parkrun weekend), so a few firsts on Saturday:

First Parkrun

First officially timed event

First run of week 9

First run with a friend

First run without music

I've decide no pressure, any problems and my official week 9 will start next week, just going to enjoy Saturday :-)


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27 Replies

  • Great stuff Phil, I am also planning my first park run end October and can't wait. You're also by the sea so must be some great runs up your way!

  • Good luck for October. You're right there are some great runs round here, I discovered a beautiful run along the sea wall, next to a lake last week, had never been there before, so this running lark is getting me to explore my home town.

  • Thanks Phil. That run sounds great, I also seen some lovely places locally that otherwise I would have missed!

  • Well done Phil, I'm impressed. Have you got your barcode and printed it off? The crowd will carry you along and if your ParkRun is anything like mine you will have a smashing time. Good luck, enjoy it all. :)

  • Thanks, have bar code but haven't printed it yet, job for tomorrow. Looking forward to it and I've got an extra rest day :-)

  • It sounds like a great plan Phil72, have a great weekend! I wonder if we have the equivalent of park runs here in France, they sound fun.

  • I thought I'd have a look as Parkrun is international and when I searched it said that they are in the process of being set up n France, so keep an eye out. Thanks

  • Thanks a lot Phil, I will! Btw, where were the Garmins on at reduced price? I'm trying not to buy one cos I've got no money but can't stop thinking about buying one even so....

  • Yes the price had dropped to it's lowest on Amazon, I'd used a site called to track it (i know odd site name) and tell me when the price dropped and hey presto, now waiting excited...

  • Thanks Phil - I think I may put it on my credit card and stick my fingers in my ears while singing lalala! It will be a spur to action after my [proposed!] graduation next week....

  • Well, I went and did it! It says it may be here by next Tuesday, so it will be a new and interesting reason to run these awfully big hills...

  • Tht's great, hope you enjoy using. I got mine this morning, but not in time for Parkrun, so will use it Monday for W9R2, it will be good to see distance and pace on the move.

  • Good luck Phil72, sounds like you live in a fantastic place for running, maybe I need to take the kids to the seaside so I can enjoy the sea air sometime. Think a few people are trying their 1st park run this weekend, I'm sure we will all be fine when we get there but not liking the idea of no Laura in my ear!

  • We'll be fine, I always say to myself "what's the worst that can happen", you can alway dust yourself down, better feeling than regret. Enjoy your Parkrun and yes the sea air is lively to run in.

  • Just noticed that you'r erunning with welshwoman56 so you'll both have each other as you own little Laura's, I can imagine the encouragement now :-) enjoy

  • Good luck Phil72. I graduated last week and have managed to do two 5k runs quite slowly. I'm also doing the Park run this Saturday with 2girls, Yorky52 and another lady whose on week 7. Hope everyone finishes the runs but more importantly enjoy and have fun. xxx

  • Sounds like you've got a lively running party going on, yes def more important to enjoy :-) the board should be buzzing with news of parkruns tomorrow

  • Good luck Phil72. Can't find any Parkruns here in Italy but intend doing one in November in the UK, have spotted a run near hubby's workplace as well as one in Belfast where I'll be working that week.

  • They should both be good, but when you mentioned November it reminded me that summer was almost over :'-) that's if it ever started.

  • Doing my first parkrun tomorrow too (hope the weather is kind!), which is my first run of week 8. I did my last run without music, which turned out okay, although I was a bit nervous beforehand. My son will be running with me tomorrow so it should be good. I'm hoping that as it's a special event there'll be lots of others taking part and I /may/ not be the slowest. ;) Good luck. :)

  • Good luck, I'm sure it will be a special run no matter what :-)

  • First Park run for me tomorrow, too. I graduated from C25k yesterday, and now feel quite nervous because I've only ever run a total of about 3.9k in the 30mins, and that was a killer! Have my hubbie and a couple of running friends coming too, and hoping that the Join In aspect will bring plenty of others along so that I'm not the slowest.

    It's going to be pretty hot in London by 9am, which won't help.

  • You'll be grand, take it easy. I noticed someone else saying it was going to be hot, but it seems to be a bit of a north south divide. Enjoy :-)

  • Well, parkrun was wet rather than hot. I set off too fast (following the pack) and exhausted myself, so only did 1.5 out of 2.5 laps. Lesson learned for next time! Hope everyone else had a good parkrun. :)

  • Sorry to hear that, hope you still enjoyed yourself, difficult not to go to quickly isn't it.

  • Well the Parkrun was an experience and a half, beautiful park in Preston about 15 miles from where I live, but they have hills there! This park run is a lap of the park with one horrendous hill on it, to the point that you get warned about it in the preamble explaination and you have to do 3 laps. So I am dead chuffed that I never walked nd with my first official run of 32m38s :-) :-)

  • Wow - brilliant Phil! So that means you did the horrendous hill three times?! Good grief, no wonder you're chuffed...! There are still two hills round here that I've not yet even attempted to run up - I think it may be some time before I think I'm ready.

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