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Determined this time!

I've tried this plan several times but never got past week 3, This morning i put on my 'new' running gear, i bought gear before xmas but this was first time i've worn it!

Thus morning i downloaded c25k app again! popped on spotify i went outdoors started at week 2 run 1 and actually enjoyed it. It was chilly but the sun was out felt good to be exercising outdoors, previously ive tried the plan on a treadmill, much preferred doing it outdoors.

i live in a village and am very self conscious, especially during the walking sections, be far happier once get to the runs with no walking sections.

gonna post on this forum to help keep me motivated, already looking forward to my second run, and am determined to graduate this time.

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Well done for getting back here.. stay with us :)

It can be hard if you feel self conscious, and there are so many posts about this.. but, folk often are too concerned with their own lives to stare at us :)

Make the most of the walking sections, you will, maybe, when you get past Week 3 be glad of them :)

Take it slow and steady; you will still hear that advice, so many times on here; the programme, as you know, builds us up slowly and safely to Graduation and those 30 minute runs, and a few folk who try to push it and run faster and harder have ended up on the IC, not the place to be.

So... keep posting and make the most of this great time of the year ( despite snow here this morning)...Looking forward to your next post :)

" Confidence is the best outfit...Rock it and own it" :)


I'm pleased that you've joined us. Running outdoors is fantastic, with views, ever-changing seasons and places to explore. But, Yes, you are a little bit on display.

This may encourage you, though:

When seeing a runner walking, there are 2 types of people:

1) Those who think "that's weird, a runner walking".

2) Those who think "there's a runner working through a conditioning programme".

'Type 1' people are not runners (so they are not qualified to judge).

'Type 2' people are runners, they understand, and do not judge.

This forum is full of 'Type 2' people and we are your supporters. Even the most experienced runners on this forum, with many years since graduation will run intervals (and these will include periods of walking).


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