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Hi everyone

I’ve been lurking for 3 weeks drawing such inspiration from all of you.

I just completed W3R3 and for the first time in my life I wasn’t gasping for air. I will be 49 this month and decided to embark while out of shape and about need to lose some weight. I’ve always admired runners. So first 30 sec run and I thought this will never work because I’m gasping at 30sec and how ridiculously sad is that. But today..... I breathed and did not gasp. I thought this must be what it feels like. Now I’m still slow (took the advice from group members) and early on I thought if I go any slower I’ll go backwards! Today my calves whined at my a little not pain just tired. I figured they can suck it up as long as I have oxygen. I finished and another verry strange thing happened. I actually wanted to run some more. I still have no clue how I will take those bigger leaps coming but if today is a clue, I am hopeful! Here’s a pic of me after today’s jog and I am the color of a regular person who ran 10 miles 😂

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Well done, Week3 in the bag. That’s an achievement for sure. It sounds like you are going to go far with this running malarkey. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

kjcm in reply to Razouski

Hah! I’m hoping!!


Looking great! Nothing wrong with a healthy red glow!

Well done on W3 👍🏼

One run ahead of me. It's really nice to feel I can go a bit further. Good running

kjcm in reply to Caro71

Good luck to you too!!


Well done! Weirdly the longer runs feel easier sometimes than the interval runs - and the programme only asks you to do them when you are ready.

Keep going!


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started and learning those basic lessons.

The guide to the plan is full of tips and advice

Enjoy your journey.


Great stuff. And just a healthy glow there I think!

We're of a similar age and I started C25K last August - with much the same start. I gasped my way through the first couple of weeks and EVERYTHING ached. Then round about the end of Wk3 I suddenly noticed that all the aches and pains were gone!

I think of Wks 4-6 as the wonder weeks when I was just amazed at what I could actually achieve - so you've got some great runs just around the corner.

7 months after graduating I love running, I'm so much fitter and about 12lbs lighter (without dieting) but best of all just feel so much more positive about myself and life in general.

Keep slow and steady - that's definitely the key - and enjoy the journey!

Happy running 😊

kjcm in reply to DebJogsOn

I hope I end up in the same spot as you! Very inspiring!!

Wow, you look so young and with a very healthy glow. Well done you, keep at it 😀


Well done !! I read one of the posts on Bridge to 10k yesterday and it says if you finish your run feeling you could run a bit more you are running at the correct pace so well done you.

I found I had to slow even more on some runs and then others I speeded up. Just take it easy and you will get there. So don’t worry about getting faster just concentrate on completing the runs ( and walks in the first few weeks).

Oh and I still get a red face , EVERY time

kjcm in reply to limberlou

Thanks for the words of wisdom! 😁


Well done! I’m at the same stage - just waiting for my phone to get a bit more charge then off out for Week 4 Run 1 before it gets too warm. I found week3 easier than the first two so hoping it continues (although reading other posts, that may be a vain hope!). Keep going - we can do this.

kjcm in reply to Sandie1961

Looking forward to seeing how you come along!


Well done kjcm!! 👏🏽👏🏽 That’s absolutely fabulous! ❤️


Welcome and well done, hope you are enjoying it 👊🏼

Lovely picture and more the warm glow of satisfaction I’d say!

Well done, just keeping doing it x


Well done! I started 4 weeks ago aged nearly 51, 30 years chronic back, knackered knees and generally fed up with myself. Just done W5R2 tonight, and I am loving it! So far (touch wood) back and knees best they’ve been in ages. Wishing I’d done it sooner... So there is hope!

kjcm in reply to Dralimc

Well done! It’s amazing what a little exercise can do! I just started biking on off days and loving that as well. My back is talking to me though 😬.

DralimcGraduate in reply to kjcm

Take care with that back, mine does not like cycling!

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