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I've graduated - here's to new beginnings!

I finally did it this lunchtime - W9R3. I actually completed a "proper" 4k on Saturday and have the bling and embarrassing photos to prove it. That was supposed to by my first post-graduation run but the schedule got out of whack. Nevertheless, despite having a thousand and one excuses not to go running today, I did it and have now officially completed the programme.

I ditched Laura for the first time and, following the advice of my current favourite YouTube hero Casey Neistat (but I'm keeping my eye out for you Rignold) I listened to a podcast. As Casey says, it's easy to forget the physical discomfort and just get lost in the story. And I've had enough of You And Julie to last me for quite some time.(If anyone needs a recommendation, here's one for S Town. And for those weird Plantronics bluetooth headphones (none of that annoying thumping noise from the headphone cable, which has always stopped me from listening to anything while running before).)

For my next trick, I'm planning to consolidate the 3 x 30 min per week habit, work my way up to 5k (but no parkruns here, much to my disappointment) and, possibly (probably) register for a 10k in October.

I love this programme and this wonderful supportive forum, and have become quite evangelical about it. Live long and prosper.

Edit: bling now displayed on my profile pic!

Also: I'm still holding my tissue - can't run without a tissue!

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Congratulations SavageMyrtle - well done you! Bling and a forthcoming graduate badge all in the space of a few days. Fantastic. I do think you should post one of those embarrassing photos though. :)

Here's to the New You and many happy runs to come. x


Well done SavageMyrtle :) I agree with AnneDroid, TTIUWIP. Now for the difficult bit, "consolidate the 3 x 30 min per week habit". Good luck, I'm sure you can do it because you're a RUNNER now.


BIG Congratulations SavageMyrtle, great achievement. Inspirational to us under-graduates. Good luck with continued running and healthier lifestyle :D


Congratulations Graduate!!! Well done you..

Many more happy runs to come:)


Brilliant, well done πŸ‘πŸ» πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ




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