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returning to couch to 5 k after having a baby

Not sure if anyone will remember me - I posted ablot last spring and summer when I was working through the programme and after graduating and completing my first park run. Thanks to you all the support and encouragement was really important. Anyway shortly after I completed my first park run I found out I was pregnant and due to all day sickness and fatigue that comes with also having two little ones I stopped running. By the time I felt better I thought too Mich time had passes and I'd lost my confidence so decided to wait.

7 weeks ago my son was born via elcs and I'm feeling ready to start running.

I'm realistic that my current fitness quite low and I'm still about a stone heavier. Gp happy for me to run so I'm planning to restart the program.

Would love advice and support from anyone especially those who have redone the programme or run after childbirth.

It feels good back :)

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Welcome back and congratulations on the new wee one and for graduating in the first place! Can't help with advice on your situation as no babies and I'm a first-timer to the plan. But have encouragement in spadefuls so happy to dish that out whenever you need it!

Good luck!


Fantastic, and well done you for wanting to get straight back in. I so wish I'd run after having my 2 kids, I did walk alot then but running is so much better. I guess my advice would be take it easy, don't expect too much from yourself and give yourself small goals so you get some early confidance boosts- good luck :)


Congratulations! I have no advice for starting again after having a baby but I am now on week 7 after starting c25k again. I completed it last year and then due to lack of evening light and me not liking the cold weather I stopped. This March when the clocks changed I started again. From the beginning, I've not missed any weeks or runs out just re-done it again as a new runner. Some I have found easier than others and I have noticed I am a tad quicker than last time.

So just go for it and see how you go. If you have to repeat then do so.

Good luck!


Took me until 2.5 years post second child to start the programme so flipping well done! I'd say slow and steady to start and see how you go. I had a very traumatic crash section and op with no 2 and still couldn't walk properly at seven weeks after so I can't imagine feeling ready to run! Good luck and congratulations on no. three too.


Thanks all, Emmylou your username sounds familiar!

Tati- It was a planned section and i think it makes a big difference. Also it was my third so I can't say I didn't know what to expect.

As soon as ive got a new sports bra I'm off. Planning on starting from scratch I think, will see how I go.

Worst thing will be trying to fit it in, but I managed it before.

Thanks again for the well wishes x


From what you have said we were about at the same time last year I think :-)


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