This could be a bad idea

Hi there,

I'd appreciate some advice on this: I've completed W3R3 on Saturday morning, and then spent all Saturday afternoon, all of Sunday and today walking and sightseeing around London. While my feet were dying yesterday night, today it seems like they're getting a bit used to all the excessive walking and are not quite as sore. However the rest of my legs - pretty dead!

Tomorrow I'm not doing any sightseeing and I wanted to go for W4R1 - is it a good idea after 2.5 days of intensive walking to start a new week?


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8 Replies

  • Yes, it'll be using subtly-different muscles, so provided your feet are OK, I say go for it. Running tourism in London - that's something to put on your fitness CV and an opportunity definitely not to be missed.

  • I to, was down in London over the weekend, (walked 9 miles on Friday and 11 on Saturday), came home on Sunday and I still went for my scheduled run. I managed it but was a little tender, mind you, I'm only on week 2 run 1 lol, still made me feel proud of myself though!!!

  • Go for it. As Marky says, you use different muscles so should be fine. Running shoes are designed to cushion the feet and minimise impact so providing you have a decent pair, I am sure you will sail through 👌

  • Thanks for all your replies, I'm just going to do it! If I stop posting you'll know I didn't survive ;-)

  • Just go ahead and do it. You will be absolutely fine.

  • You will be fine... :)

    After my small granddaughter was born, I was clocking up 9 miles a day, five days a week, pram pushing.. and doing my three runs a week as well! As MarkyD says, different muscles :) Thank goodness the pram pushing has ease off !!! :)

    You should be okay! :)

  • I recently went to Amsterdam and did not want to break my routine so after a full day of walking I did my run I a beautiful park and loved it, so many other runners and fitness groups going on it was an opportunity to see more of the place and do my run and it did not hurt a bit if anything I think it helped.

  • Amsterdam's a good choice - I'm from there myself! :)

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