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Week 4

Has anyone else really struggled with week 4?

I was trying for a couple of weeks and just couldn't do it, as I was always falling short on the last few minutes due to having a tight chest or weak legs. Then after achieving it only once I had to take a break due to finishing uni and life generally being a bit crazy.

Now I am back to it I'm really worried about not being able to do it, especially after failing so many times.

Just wondering really if anyone has any tips as it's really starting to get me frustrated and angry at myself..

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Perhaps start at week 3 again to ease you back into the swing of things so to say?


I feel like I'm failing if I do that. But you're probably right.. It's just so annoying and I'm a tad impatient!


Dont beat yourself up, lots of us go back and redo a week - you are still doing fab x


Thank you :) I will try again tomorrow morning! Fingers crossed for a good week!


you'll get there!!! I did week 4, for 5 weeks (shhh) before moving forward as I found it so hard but now I'm sailing through the weeks! :-)

just keep going!

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It's really good to hear someone else struggled with it as much as I have. It's nice to hear too that you are managing to continue on easily through the rest of the weeks! Gives me a bit more faith that it is possible to survive week 4!


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