Worried about next week

Hi everyone,

Started C25K last week and today we did out 3rd session of week 2..

My motivation to start this was to try and improve my heath and fitness level and to try and lose a little weight..my partner has come along for the ride in the hope of the same and also to make sure i didnt back out lol. Im asthmatic and so struggled a little bit to start however i can tell im improving..the only thing worrying me at the moment is the 3 minute run next week :( however im going to push on and try my best..


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  • Every darn increase in time scared me half to death...but you just keep plugging away, slow..slower still...and steady. :) Darn few finish the programme on time and/or with 5K so relax about that :) I had to repeat several stages but it's all good - you keep building stamina. Don't worry about speed or distance - it's all about time now :) I have Exercise-Induced asthma so I regulate my speed to my breathing. all that 'advice' about 'you should be able to hold a conversation while running' " you should take three or however many steps per breath" "don't breathe through your mouth, just your nose" is literally impossible for me.

    However - I recently got my 10K badge and 5K is now a nice run for me. Day one, Week one I was literally doubled over in the Park going blue in the face and trying to breath through every orifice and a nearby walker was two seconds away from calling the Paramedics, no lie.

    Slow and steady will get you there also, believe me :) And there is NEVER a 'fail' when it comes to running - there are only 'practice' days and 'success' days :) Only Failure is not to go out the door :)

    Read the early posts of graduates and you will see you are by no means terminally unique in starting the programme ;)

    wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

  • thank you so much for this...i have stayed on the 3 minute run for 2 weeks..i finally thought to myself "who cares if ur doing 3 minutes for ever, at least your doing it" im really enjoying it and im starting to become determined..the 5k final might be a while off yet but i will get there and i know this now :)

    good luck with ur 10ks :)

  • That's the spirit of running! You will graduate, no doubt in my mind :)

  • You'll be fine - just take it steady and remember this post in a few weeks when you find yourself thinking "it's only three minutes". Believe me it will happen.

  • Thank you :)

  • Don't push at all.... just take it steady and slow..one step at a time... Relax and just go with it... you will be fine:)

  • Thanks :)

  • You'll be amazed at all the times you thought you couldn't possibly hit that next level but then you do!. They really have these programs dialed in.

  • im defo getting there after repeating it for a 2nd week :) i already feel 100 times better about it

  • Hi I've just finished week one, also asthmatic. I find if I have a good few puffs before I set off then I'm normally OK. Just remember that this programme is designed to be achievable for total novices, it's not designed to set you up to fail. Good luck!

  • Snap I'm due to start week 3 next week and I'm dreading it as I'm struggling with the 90 second run at the moment but if I don't achieve it I'll just keep repeating it until I do.

  • thats exactly what ive done..ive done the same week for 2 weeks now and i do feel so much more relaxed about it..ive taken the pressure off myself to actually do the whole thing in 9 weeks..

  • Look straight ahead and rather than thinking of time make a marker in your head - I'll run to that post, then when you get there make another marker. You can and will do it ☺

  • thanks for this..ive been putting to much stress on my shoulders about this 3 minute run and so ive done it for 2 weeks and im getting better :) i will do it..just at my own pace :)

  • Great advice, I do that... And when I'm struggling I make myself look around me and distract myself from negative thoughts by being positive about the scenery

  • Well would u believe it...today i ran for 8 minutes non stop and felt i could have gone a bit more..im so proud of myself and i couldn't have done it without all of the support i had in regards to worrying about running for 3 minutes. 5K HERE I COME!!

  • You'll do great..don't worry about the 5k... Just focus on getting the minutes under your belt, that's what counts.

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