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W4R2 Did it all - and no pain. Progress at last!

W4R1 was agony for me. My calf muscles were extremely painful before the second run. I had an additional rest day imposed on me and did R2 this morning. Cold breeze but dry, however I really was not looking forward to more pain.

Stuck at it and would not allow the gremlin on my shoulder to stop me. Did the warm up walk fine but had to wait for the traffic to clear so I could cross the main road - and cooled off a lot. Determined to do every run completely. Also ran on the opposite river bank for a change and found it a much safer surface to run on, which helped. I did all of the runs absolutely fine and no repetition of the awful aching calf muscles. YAY! Must admit that the last 5 minute run was a huge challenge but just slowed the pace and managed it. The wind was on my back for the last section which was good.

The 1 mile walk home was slow but I concentrated on my posture and that helped. I am beginning to notice little things like I can run up stairs without getting breathless and I walk into town in next to no time. Something is improving but I must say a lot of this is in your head. Tell yourself you CAN do this and you will.

A huge thank you to all the bloggers - you really do make a difference to us with your encouragement and support.

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Great, good girl, real progress and a significant sign that your muscles etc are getting used to what you ask of them!

Yep, around now I think most of us have twigged that our heads need training as much as our bodies! Get to grips with that concept and you'll have an amazing few weeks ahead! Positive, positive, 'can do' attitude all the way... You'll succeed! All the best, Linda ;)


Thank you Linda. You are a great one for encouraging everyone - I've noticed you!


I did w3r2 today and suffered real pain in my left calf muscle. Never had it before, so not sure why it happened! Well done to you! Hopefully I'm not too far behind you.


Fantastic. Well done. As Linda said, our muscles do get used to all this extra work. Mine don't complain nearly as much as they did when I first started.


I think It's so good when you see yourself progressing - and now that you are past the half way point if your like me you will be starting to see just how do-able this whole thing is.

It's great to see improvements , especially in the little everyday things. running up the stairs is my favourite mark of how far I have come.

One of the other things you might have noticed is that your recovery time is getting better - and will carry on improving as you get used to the longer run times too...

get W4 done - then blast your way through W5 - and I look forward to seeing your graduation any week now too.

Good luck & Happy Running


Thank you MatthewW for your support! The improvements are very slight but as long as i get my head in tune with what my body is doing I am beginning to feel this may be doable. You and I are at a similar stage and I have found your blogs very helpful! I hadn't realised, 'til you told me, that I am half way! YIKES! I guess I can possibly do this!

I'm plotting my time for the next 3 days but it will be tricky to fit everything (or even anything) in. i have to move 3 hives of bees very early tomorrow morning. Have a study day all day Saturday from early. Then bees to move back on Sunday, followed by open day at husband's train running group for the rest of the day. Absolutely no time for a run in all that.

Good Luck to you too though. You seem to be making massive progress!.


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