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Week 5 run 2

So I've just done w5r2 (2 x 8 min runs with a walk of 5mins in between). I found at the 6/7min stage of the 1st run I was about ready to walk-fortunately a set of traffic lights came up very handily and it meant I could pause for a second and wait for them to change...I found the same thing in the 2nd 8minute run too although I pushed past this one and kept going. At the end I've never done the cool down walk so slowly in my whole time!!

My question is-do I repeat this run again...as there's no way I can do the 20mins (w5r3) as I did today. Or am I overthinking it and just try the 20minute run and repeat both next week if necessary??


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It's entirely up to you. I would always jog on the spot at stoplights, so that I could keep the momentum going. The trick will be to slow it down on your next run, no matter what you choose. Just start off really slowly, and every time you think about your running, slow it down again. Don't wait until you're pooped to slow down - keep it relaxed throughout. You'll get through the run, no matter which option you pick.

Happy running.


You are overthinking. You have done this one. ove on to the next. Don't decide ahead of time what you can and can't do.

If you had a couple of seconds rest at traffic lights: super bonus. It will not have made a difference overall to your muscle stamina or cardio capacity.

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just wanted to say THANK YOU!!

I ran home from church today (w5r3) so it was the big 20mins in a row...slowed my pace down to 6-7mins/km and made it through!! Lots of self doubt-but all for no reason!! It turns out my BODY knew what to do, and the challenge was ALL IN MY HEAD!! Thanks for advice!!!


I think week five frightens a lot of people, it certainly worried me. You've done brilliantly to get this far and it's probably more in your mind than your body. Take it really, really slowly, particularly at the start and I'm sure you'll complete W5r3. Trust in the program and GO FOR IT!

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