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After completing wk6 on friday , every leg muscle is screaming thighs front and rear my calves , the lot . Anyone got any better linament ideas other than deep heat. Its monday night now and was hoping to start week 7 runs on wednesday but cant see it if muscles still so sore. Cant believe how much the extra 5 mins over w6r3 has made such a difference. Still im ecstatic i got this far

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Just rest. You can take a couple if days between runs if you need to. Epsom salts in a hot bath is comforting and is said to reduce inflammation

Be sure to run very slowly 🙂


Oh i was slow, 3k in 25 min is slow enough is it not? Or should have gone slower still?


Ice bath. Get 3 bags of ice cubes fro the supermarket and put them in a shallowish bath of cold water. leave for 10 mins then lower yourself in. It will be every bit as gruesome as it sounds but you will feel so much better afterwards. Not just because you are out of it.

otherwise, keep moving - muscles hurt when they are static and loosen up with movement.


Codeine if you have it and need it.

Other than that, grit your teeth and smile and go out there again. Waking up to aching muscles is what makes us know we're still alive. .



Move......... go for a good walk

Do not sit about, you will really ache each time you try to move!

Speed is relative. Your pace is pretty much my regular pace so I could slow further....but your pace would be very slow for many others.


Have you tried Tiger Balm? I find it really helps with a hey muscles. Once rubbed on it seems to do a cooling soothe. You can get it Sainsbury's and although it seems a bit expensive here a little goes along way.

I was just in Thailand where it is cheap as chips so bought several tubs back with me. If we had a virtual medicine cupboard in the forum I would put some in to share. 😉


As misswobble suggests.. Epsom salts.... well warmed up muscles before your run, , painkillers if you think it necessary, and some sound leg exercises on rest days.

As Rignold says... keep important, even if you don't feel like you are able. I carried on using my cross-trainer after I broke my ribs before Christmas, just to stop everything from seizing was incredibly useful.. made a huge difference to leg strength and the return to my running outside:)

Main thing... keep on running, but maybe slow can always slow down more, just don't stop :)


... what everyone else said, plus invest in a roller. This is a foam of torture device that will help ease out knotted muscles (it's like a self inflicted sports massage) . You can look up on you-tube the best way to target specific muscles .

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OOH yes, need to share that roller pain around👍🏼

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Ice baths do work but I have found benefit and more comfort from a hot bath immediately after finishing exercise and use a a hard sponge to deeply massage the muscles when washing. I don't think there is much evidence for Epsom salts effectiveness. Occasionally voltarol on aching points helps, but it's not designed for large areas. Keep running!!


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