Wish Me Luck!!

Hi Folks,

Hope everyone is well and fit. It's been a while since I last logged on and truth be said since the last time I went for a run.

Ramadan proved to be too tough to handle and decided to rest that month, which turned into a few months :-( .

I've been cycling to/from work in a bid to get some fitness level back and tonight will go for my first run since July!! I know I know. Don't intend to break any records today, just hoping I will survive the 30min/5K target.

Wish me luck!!



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23 Replies

  • Nice to see you back saul! hope you have a good run! Take it steady! :)

  • Thank you, it's nice to be back! No more WHFC!! :-(

  • I vividely remember Ramadan when I lived in Asia back in the '80s and wondering and being highly impressed at how people even managed the basic activities of daily living. I cannot imagine how anyone would be able to keep up anything like long distance/fast Running!

    You have the willpower to observe Ramadan - I have absolutely no doubt you will manage the programme :) Happy running and see you at the graduation table when the time comes :)

  • I think it's often really hard to restart something when you've let it drift a bit as you tend to slightly not want to 'go there' so very well done for tackling it again. Good luck :-)

  • Nice to see you back, Saul. Happy running! :)

  • Thank you..How is your running getting on?

  • Long story short: I haven't run for a long time because of a knee injury and other problems but I am slowly building up to the pre-stop fitness level.

  • Sorry to hear that. No doubt you'll be back to full fitness very soon.

  • Good luck saul. You're getting back to it at the best running time of year (IMHO). Enjoy it all over again!

  • Good luck and just go slow and try and enjoy it as its been a while...

  • Well done for "getting back in the saddle" so to speak ! I regularly cycle to and from work. The running has definitely improved my speed on the bike. Have a good run. Look forward to hearing how you get on.

  • Welcome back, Saul! Take it slow and easy - just enjoy! You were doing really well before you stopped (you were about a month ahead of me - I followed your runs with awe!) and I'm sure you're still quite fit. Post back here!

  • Thank you..It's nice to be back. How's the running coming on for you? So many new faces on here.!

  • Welcome back Saul, good to see you back here !

    Yes, just ease yourself back in gently, no pressure .

    You should still have a pretty decent degree of fitness with your cycling . Hope all goes well.

    Let us know how you get on :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppypug. So many familiar faces it's like I never left :-) . Part of the family again.

  • Hello Saul, welcome back. Not running! What are you like 😊

    Still ,cycling is good if you can't get out for a run ☺

  • Forgive me father for I have sinned.... :-) . Thank you. How's it going?

    Cycling is a lot easier than running and today I know exactly which muscles are not used when cycling :-(

  • Saul Yo!

    Was wondering how you were getting on.

    Hope your run went well, not trying to break any records tonight...

    Lots of us still here and loads more graduates and new runners too...

    Welcome back.😊

  • Helloo!!

    All went well, I think I am fitter than I thought! Leg's are a bit sore today though. No records broken.. :-)

    Nice to see everyone still around, will play catch up and say hello to some of the new runners.

  • Well done. Remember the rules, take your rest days...😊

    Just starting the Bridge 2 10k program which you might find interesting. A few of us are doing it at the moment with the help of the lovely experienced runners on here.

    Keep up the good work.🏃🚲

  • That's what I had started just before Ramadan so ultimately that is my goal.

  • Good to see you again Saul. I wondered how you were getting on. I'm wondering if getting your running gear on and going for a brisk walk 3 x week at set times would get you through Ramadan next time as it wouldn't feel like a total break? I'm sure you're still pretty fit. If the first run is hard, just do 10 min and build up from there, increasing by 2-5 min each run, you'll soon be back where you were injury-free. You keep running now, you know you wereca born runner, Mr. Speedy Gonzales :)

  • Hello,

    For the first few days of Ramadan I did do this but after a while the 19 hour nil by mouth fasting quickly took it's toll.

    First run wasn't too bad (according to the breathing) and went rather well. Will probably take that 2-5 min increase approach on, I reckon another couple of weeks and will be back to the 5k mark. Wanting to get most of the daylight running in as poss. then back to the cold,dark,wet nights :-(

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