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week 6 cream crackered update

Well well , thats W6R2 taken care of and i must say looking forward to hopefully covering the 3k marker on the last run . As some of you know ive been of all week with a bout of bronchitis, so getting week 6 done looked like it was gonna be a long drawn out affair . That hasnt been the case so far, ive been so bored with my forced sojourn from work that ive still managed to get out and do my mile walks ,they were being done before i found c25k covering between 2 or 4 miles .With being so frustrated at not being at work my sleeping pattern as gone to rats , so at night ive been midnight walking lol . during the walks ive felt the need to push , even in my state of health . so out i go , 2 apps and a heart rate monitor going , and decide as in run 1 lets have a little jog see how actual body feels . Couple of pulls of ventolin and im off and ive completed the 2nd run as well. Now i know i shouldnt have really , but figured if body didnt like it that it would scream like my missus does , but hey it was cool . I think that doing all the other runs had built my strength and stamina up to the point i could do this light [ pmsl light he now calls it ] exercise even though feeling below par . Once up and about this morning feeling a little bit bashed up , but my heads well being gone through the roof . any way gabbling now , see you laters

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