Little Quiz - Answer on Monday

Little Quiz - Answer on Monday

This is just a little bit of Holiday fun, please do not take it to seriously.

If a 70kg 50 year old women was to go for a 5km run on the flat and it took her 50 min. How many Cadbury mini eggs would she burn in calories. If one mini egg = 3g 16.5kcal

Round the answer up because no one can just eat 1/2 a mini egg! πŸ˜€

Answer will be posted on Monday


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11 Replies

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  • Do we get a mini egg prize?

    I could take it personally as it is so close to my age/times/weight, could even cheat and look up what Runkeeper/Fitbit say but I'm guessing 22 mini eggs.

    I think I need ju-ju- 's recent trail marathon to burn off the fancy M&S nut embedded job the Easter Bunny is bringing me....

    Happy Easter everyone, use it wisely and joyfully!

  • Hee hee!!

  • If that particular lady has her eyes closed when she eats them they are zero calories. Its a 'treat yourself' moment xxx

  • Oh eck! This reminds me that I had hidden some festive chocs at the back of the cupboard from the series choc thief They are Marks' 😱

    No! Step away! Get thee behind me. Wanders off to look for diversionary activities, e.g. Trying to find me calculator to work out the egg conundrum. I think it's a trick question πŸ˜€

  • Well, first off, whose calorie calculator are we using? Garmin tells me I have burnt X number of calories on a 5K run, I know from medical research I did last year where I wore several monitors that I burn nearly twice as many....If we're listening to Garmin I agree with GoogleMe, you can have about 22, if you listen to me you can have twice as many! I know which I would choose!

    So my final answer the lot!

  • She would not burn any calories from chocolate mini eggs. She is lactose intolerant and does not eat chocolate. Also, she avoids products containing maltodextrin as this unnecessary thickener has a very high glycemic index and causes unnecessary spikes in her blood sugar levels. Finally she is uncertain of the provenance of emulsifiers E442 and E476 and the colorant anthocyanin.

    But mainly it breaks the first rule of weight-loss through running: You are not allowed to eat the calories expended during running.

    But on a more cheerful note :-) my answer is 19.

  • Ummmm... 1 bag???

  • About 20. Best not to be too precise where chocolate is concerned πŸ˜€

  • She should not eat any of the mini eggs, but treat herself to two thin squares of good quality dark chocolate 😜

  • Chocolate = sugar = carbs = THE GREAT SATAN!!!

    so she would find the very idea not only anathema but blasphemy to boot, and instead have an Easter egg made of kale pressed into an egg mould.

    She could have as many of those as she could physically manage.

  • To protect herself from this she should give them to forum friends who will save her from choco horror by taking on the consumption of said eggs on her behalf!

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