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Graduated on Monday - 10k on Wednesday?

Graduated on Monday - 10k on Wednesday?

Hi there,

If you saw my last post you'll know that I finished w9 with a run of 40 minutes covering 7.7km according to the Sony 'Lifelog' app on my phone.

The attached picture shows what my Adidas 'mi coach' app says I did.

Given it estimates I covered 8.2 km in 41 minutes I think I might just see if I can run for 10k on Wednesday. I finished on 40 mins only because I wanted to have 5 mins to walk home as a warm down and it was just the right time. I'm not sure if I could have kept going for another 20 minutes, simply because 40 mins is the longest I've run to date, but will see on Wednesday.

Exciting times ahead! :)

Thanks for reading,


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Thanks onestep!


That's pretty impressive, Mike. have you heard about the 10% rule? It is employed by many professional coaches and is used to keep the risk of injury to a minimum. You should not increase your weekly distance by more than 10% per week. It is only a guide, but if you are new to running then it is well worth taking note of. Many, especially males who believe they have just become superheroes, graduate from C25k then come down to ground with a bump, by simply doing too much too soon, finding they can't run at all because of is a very common recurring theme on this forum.

Be cautious. Keep running, keep smiling.


Thanks LannodaTruffe, taking your advice into account I've decided to see how I've been today and how I am tomorrow. I will do another run for 40 mins and maybe run for the same time tomorrow. I can't see any point in rushing to 10k, I have no plans to do a 10k race and the Cardiff half is in October.

I have heard of the 10% guide, and it seems to make sense, but going from 8.2km to 10km is just over a mile and I don't think much more than 10%, so maybe I'll try the 10k next week. I just hope the weather is as nice!


Hi Mike, great achievement, well done!! I agree with IannodaTruffe.

I do think you are able to run 10 km, but the risk of injury makes this sudden jump in distance not worth it right now.

I'd suggest you lookup the Bridge to 10K plan from Bluefins, it's designed for c25K graduates. Gets you there progressively. I used it to run my first 10K and loved it.

The podcasts are free and you can find on their blog.

Good luck :)


Hi LoopeeLou,

Thank you very much. I've had a nice sense of achievement sitting at work today and my legs haven't been as tired as I remember them being in week 6!

I have had a look at the Bluefins page, thank you, but feel that 6 weeks is a bit longer than I need. If I feel capable of running 10km now and have gone from 5ish to 8ish without injury from one week to the next I think I will try 10k in the next week or two unless I feel tired over the weekend.


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Oh eck! this sent a shiver running right through me

Too much too soon will see you in hell with injuries. Don't go there. You have all the time in the world to build up your running. You have to build up your body first. Get your body ready for running further

That means eating right, cross training with cycling, walking, swimming blah blah, gym type cardio and abs, strength training. The whole thing and building up your runs very gradually

Rig is always reminding us about squats, lunges, stretching etc and it's so true. He never stints but got there with C25k the same as us

I'm currently languishing on the injury bench with agonising shin splints through overdoing things. I can repent at leisure while in so**ng agony.


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