Hi and a little help need with music if possible

Hi all. Been here a couple of weeks but have been mainly lurking and reading some of your advice and supportive posts. Aren't you a lovely bunch :)

So I have just, yes just completed WK6 R3 (It's 6am and because Blade Runner is out today I couldn't sleep so went for a run :) ) I'm feeling a little chuffed with myself as I managed to bag myself 4.8k. Please believe me when I say that before starting C25K I had never done a stitch of exercise (in 41 years) and my body has totally surprised me by keeping up with my 'want' to be one of those running type folk.

Here's where I need the help. The ever wonderful Jay Z is my musical motivator with Moment of Clarity being a perfect beat pacer for me however, there is only so many times you can listen to that song on a loop... so I was wondering if there was any (easy) way of finding similar beat patterns in music to maintain pace but vary tunes?

Any ideas? I'd love to hear them and now I've braved speaking up you'll no doubt not be able to shut me up.

And thanks in advance, I'm sure one of you knowledgeable lot will have an answer

Laura x


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12 Replies

  • Welcome Chiacchierona and well done for getting this far. It's hard work but fun at the same time. Keep going and keep in touch xx

  • Thank you, I will definitely keep in touch. It seems the friends of mine that ran never did C25K they all appeared to just get up one day and run 5k automatically :( and so it's lovely being able to discuss it with you guys and get hints and tips xx

  • Well done on finishing week 6 👍 I’ve just this morning finished wk 4 so catching up.

    I’d do a quick google for the bpm of the song then search for songs of the same bpm, best I can think of, hope it works.

  • Hi Chiacchierona

    I have found a interesting website called Jog.fm that you can use to find songs to run at a certain pace according to beats/minute.

    Hope this helps?

  • Hi Laura, try downloading Spotify and you can search for running songs/albums. You can set it to notify you I think and it makes suggestions for tracks. I like ministry of sound running and also their Trance albums- not normally my cup of tea I hasten to add, but great beat for running. Well done you by the way, you’re doing brilliantly and another inspiration for me to keep going in my running journey x

  • I too have checked out Spotify loads of stuff on there and you can compile a play list of your favourite lm a big move to music fan very motivating. Well done👏

  • Ministry may well be one to look in to for me, re-live my old raving days :D I used Faithless for a while if you ever fancy a little change and want to have a sing a long x

  • Great to have you here... we all have our favourite sounds.. mine are so weird, but I am sure you will get some great ideas.

    I suggest, just maybe, something to slow you down a tad... there are a few weeks to go, so take it slowly and steadily into these lovely long runs up to the podium :)

    I use ABBA ( told you I had weird taste) and Mamma Mia to slow my pace down, when I am speeding up too much.. it has a great beat.. makes my running style look odd, but hey, it entertains the wild life!

    Well done you for getting out there.. I love the early runs... got my high viz gear out now ready for these dark mornings and very sassy flashing belt!

    Keep posting with us, it is great to read other folk's experiences and yes, we are a lovely bunch! :)

  • PS

    Rock my Run is useful :)

  • PPS

    I use Spotify Run too...

  • Wow! I wasn't expecting quite so much feedback. Loads of really lovely ideas to look in to when I get back from work tonight.

    I looked in to Jay Z Moment of Clarity and its 82bpm, Oldfloss, you really think I am running too fast? I must admit that if I feel like I have it in me I continue to run through the warm down (though I never neglect that) I always make sure I do that and stretch afterwards.

    What do you think I should be running at, BPM wise?


  • If you have mp3 files on a PC then you can set this abyssmedia.com/bpmcounter/ to automatically sort out the bpm of a whole folder of files.

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