Bad Day, exercise = some escape, W1R1iversity

Had a bad day today, I went for a slow run in the morning, wasn't feeling great but went anyway because it was in my training plan, did an "easy" 50 minute run in the morning (well 11:00). I just got a letter around 3 and it made me feel horrible. Its brought a lot of stuff up. Anyway, I listened to music (more Doom music!) and tried to not dwell on it. Was feeling restless so just been to the gym and murdered the crosstrainer for an hour, I must have looked like I was wrestling an octops (a big one!!), people must have thought I was on steroids. Hoping tomorrow brings some good news from the weighing scales, then I can write a response to this BS. Not a very coherent rant, but thanks for listening! I wouldnt be able to do the things im doing to distract myself if it wasnt for you good people. Also I love reading posts from people starting C25K its hugely inspiring! Keep going! Blooming heck, just realised its also my W1R1iversity! Id forgotten till I just wrote this post. Well thankyou everyone for helping me get better tools to deal with this stuff. Thats actually put things in perspective, if I can do that in a year I can deal with this B*******. A week from now I would make my account on this site, then in another four days my fist post for W3R2, weighing 18KG more than I do now :) and meet you brilliant people.


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  • well done kallyfudge you've got the right attitude there to get through any B*******, don't let it drag you down . keep on going and keep posting :)

  • Thankyou Aliboo! Im going to keep going (just like the DOOM guy, im sure Ill get bored of that eventually but its the same without that), going to deal with this letter and not let it slide. I think it will get me down but I can deal with it much better. Thankyou!! :)

  • Its really positive progress to look at things from that perspective , and to realise things will affect you and threaten to ruin progress but with a positive attitude, and exercise as great therapy you'll get there, i do understand how you feel. Take care of yourself :)

  • Well done, Kallyfudge - sorry you had a bad letter but posting on here and especially reading all the brilliant things on here is one way of dealing with it. I love the image of you wrestling a giant octopus :D

    I'm lucky that my low moods never sink me really far down but I know that when they do it's so easy to crawl back under the duvet or reach for the next pack of biscuits instead of lacing up and getting out there. 'It's too hard, I don't feel like it, it doesn't matter if I miss this run, I'll go tomorrow.' At these times I've learned (the hard way) to grit my teeth and put my kit on and go for a run. I can tell myself that I only have to do 15 minutes. When I'm out, it's usually longer because it makes me feel better - but the difficult bit is getting out of the door.

    Congratulations on you W1R1iversity, and here's to even better times ahead for you.

  • Ooh! It's like you've been inside my head! :o

  • I think many of us have been there :( Hope you run yourself better :)

  • Many thanks Anniemurph! its true, the runs where you dont feel like starting tend to be longer ones as you start to enjoy them :) Had a rest over the weekend going to get going again today if my leg feels OK. Hope things are going well with you. They should definitely make an octopus style crosstrainer, then I would buy one of them old diving suits that people run marathons in and use it on the crosstrainer :)

  • Well done kallyfudge - sounds like you just talked yourself in to a better place - and that is what running can do for us, isn't it?! Stay strong and keep running!πŸ™‚

  • Thankyou Sandraj! Hopefully going to get going again today! had a dodgy leg the last few days so had some rest days. Was away so couldnt wrestle the octopus at the gym :) Hope things are well with you :)

  • Many Congratulations Kally on your first Runniversary- you made it ! :-)

    Hang on in there, you can do this !

    Ha ha made me laugh about the giant octopus :-D xxx

  • Thanks poppypug :) had a bit of a leg problem over the weekend so no parkrun, started a new training program for the 10k yesterday, going to see how it goes, otherwise might need to go for a 4 week training program :/

  • Happy to be of service Kally. Any time! I bet going to the gym and virtually duffing up some dumb machine feels quite cathartic. Take that! and that, bash, punch! A lady at my WW class had to go and do some of that recently as she was having a horrible time with someone at work who she said was "doing her head in". She went to the gym and virtually kicked her butt round the gym. She was quite Zen after that, and she had a victory at the scales. Don't let the beggars grind you down Kal!

    keeeeeeeeeeeep running!

  • Thankyou misswobble! :) It did, I got very angry at Sai Crosstrainer! I know they are pretty variable between crosstrainer but I got 870kcal over 1 hour, before then I realy struggled to get close to 800 on those ones.

  • I know nowt about gym machines but if they help kick ass then all to the good. πŸ˜ƒ

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