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Birth of a potential gym-bunny

My local leisure centre (aka the place HtB goes to) is having a 7-day free-trial and so I signed up, mostly to do some weight-work and improve the tone of my arm muscles. So far I'm enjoying it, HtB comes with me, though we don't do the soppy hollywood thing of working out on adjacent machines, we're both too busy focusing on our workouts for any nonsense like that.

so far I'm enjoying it, using it on my rest days.

Things moving along with my wedding plans as I'm down to the niggly bits, dealing with some minor dramas that I won't talk about because they're that inconsequential (what is it about weddings that brings drama?)

also, when did The Rainbow Run get so close? It was SO far away when I signed up!

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I love your comment about the "soppy Hollywood thing" 😏

My husband and I sometimes go to the gym together and occasionally end up side by side on the bikes when it can get rather competitive 😤😤😤


oh dear! Competitiveness! Keeps things fresh! ;)


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