Running is a lot like child birth!

While out running today I decided that it's actually got a lot in common with child birth!

Before the event, we are all positive and have these big ideas of grandeur.... I'm going to run so far, so fast and see ourselves as Lycra lovelies bouncing along (well maybe not that last part but you know what I mean).

During the event, we're hot, sweaty, red (or if your like me, purple), puffing and panting (and that's just after 1 min). We get past the first few mins and think, ok I've found my rhythm I can do this. After a while into it it starts hurt and we think, why the hell am I doing this.... must push through the pain!..... Oh look someone's watching me, must suck it up and run like I'm used to this and love it.... They've passed, UUUGGGHHHHH as we let out the most mahoosive exhale. Nope pain is still there, a few choice words are muttered as we can't stop now, the end is nearly in sight. We get to the last section of the run and think so.... very.... nearly.... there....., I'm not going to make it!, I can't do this anymore!............., I just want to give up now!!!!! but we push on and then .... OMG I DID IT! I got through it. It hurts like hell, I'm sweaty and exhausted but I'm proud of what I've achieved. Now I just need a shower and sleep......

Some time later.... the thought process is.... I'm a runner, it felt good, I want to go for another run I bet it will be easier this time and I can beat the last time/distance....... (The pain and torture of the run seemingly forgotten just like when you've given birth)

So, Running is just like giving birth.... (well kinda lol)

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  • I read a quote once comparing a marathon to child birth ☺

  • Having (deliberately) had 3 unmedicated home births, I feel entirely qualified to say that w1r1 of this programme is definately harder and more painful !

  • I'd definitely rather do another home birth again than Week 1 of NHS C25K! (The very brief period I had sitting on my coccyx in hospital with accelerant in my veins and belts round my middle before I declared (like no-excuse) that I couldn't do it like this and fortunately was assisted to turn over... that's another matter... it grieves me to think how many woman end up anaesthetised who would rather not have been, just because they don't have such good birth partners and midwives)

    The difference between C25K and labouring is that you are locked in to the whole parenting thing, whereas once you graduate from C25K you have to decide what to do next!

  • Hahaha I know what you mean! I said this on my run the other day. I had my phone strapped round my middle, and my jacket tied round me and I was holding my water and I said to my friend I feel like I'm in labour and I'm at that stage where I want everything off, NOW!! x :-)

  • Hahahah! This is so right! I am so glad I am not alone!

  • My second child was born in about 10 minutes - I can't remember ever having a run that speedy ☺

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