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Good run after horrendous day

As the title says, horrendous day at work, reminding me how much I've come to hate my job and how I definitely need to stop being scared and make the necessary change in my life.

Really didn't feel like going out tonight but made myself go and so glad I did as it helped clear my mind and it was a good run too.

So feeling ☹️😢 And 😀 today,

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Hi SM. I changed my job 15months ago after being with the same company for 14 years. I felt I had lost my confidence to do or try anything new but I am so glad i did. I felt and still feel like a huge weight has lifted. My new job has its own stresses but I can handle them because I enjoy what I do. I have a better work/life balance and I discovered running not long after starting which helped the confidence and the ability to relax. My advice would be take the plunge, life is short. Good luck


Thankyou Gump

I definitely need to take the plunge this time and not talk myself out of it again.

Life definitely is way too short

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I didn't have a bad day yesterday but as I'm learning a new job, it was busy and a bit stressful and I loved that I had a run last night to clear all the fuzz so I could think clearly again.

I hope you find a new and better job soon.

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So easy to say... but hard to do. The folks are right.. life is too short :)

I am older and making the most of every single moment, and fortunate also, that I have no regrets in my life...things I may have done differently, but no regrets.

So, as great as running is, it is not the whole solution.

Be brave, make this decision. Choose the path you want to take and follow it.

" Nothing to fear, but Fear itself"

We'll be right beside you x


Left my organisation after 34 years for another job scared but worth it

January 17 started C25K scared but worth it

Keep going -first step is the most difficult but you will feel very proud at each new achievement


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