Good run, bad run

Hi. I completed Wk7 R2 this morning. I was exhausted afterwards. I've really noticed since starting to do longer runs that there is huge variation in how I feel when I'm running and how tired I am after it. My previous run was fine and I felt good. I'm leaving 2 days between runs and going slow so I'm not sure if I should be doing something different. Do other people experience huge variations between consecutive runs? Thanks!


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12 Replies

  • Oh yes. There are good runs and not-so-good runs. They are still runs, and beat being on the couch. You are doing fine. I find two days between runs works better for me as well.

  • Yes, this is common and completely normal.

    Bear in mind that your aerobic capacity is still in the early stages of development and just a few beats per minute difference in your heart rate can make the difference between you being in complete control and struggling for breath.

    Don't sweat it, you are doing great. Just try to keep it slow and steady.

  • Thanks Dunder2004. You are right. I think I forget what a short time I've been running and how much I'm asking of my body.

  • Don't worry about being slow...I am reaallllllllyyy slow! I did week 8 run 1 today, was OK after the hurdle of a terrible first 10 minutes when I felt like giving up! Any run is better than no run isn't it?! :)

  • Thanks for this. You've not got long to go before graduating. Good luck!

  • Yes, right up to Week 9 when all 3 runs were good with only one day's rest between them. I think it's the first glimmerings of something called "fitness"?

  • Ahh, so my beetroot face this morning was a rosy glow of beckoning fitness. :-)

  • Red face! Slow! Doesn't matter at all. Don't worry about it. Just keep going slow, slow, slow to buy you enough puff to finish the session. It is hard work so don't wonder that you feel tired. Eat healthily, sleep lots and keep going. It's worth it!

  • Thanks misswobble. Each time I've felt so proud of myself for keeping going for 25 mins that I won't be giving up! My diet definitely needs attention though.

  • Get your diet sorted as it will influence how you feel. Ditching nutrient poor grub for good stuff will make you feel better really quickly. You don't need junk foods. Ditch em 😀😇

  • Yep, good and bad runs happen with seemingly no rhyme or reason (and will carry on after graduation too). You've made it this far so you're doing great! Keep at it, so close to that 30 minutes now!

  • Thanks melly4012. It was the 'no rhyme or reason' bit that I was concerned about but good to know it's normal. :-)

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