good day

what a fantastic day. It all started at 5:30 this morning and finished a few minutes ago at 21:00. in the meantime I drove all over the midlands and completed 6 of the 8 parkrun courses - 30k in all. It would have been nice to do the other two, but the legs just wouldn't take it. The last lap of run 6 was only completed 'cos a friend from work was running with me and goaded me on.

My problem now is that next Saturday I have a 5k fun run and on sunday I'm running 5k in memory of a colleague at work. Not sure how to approach training in the meantime. Probably just rest. Might do a slow 5k on Wednesday or thursday

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  • Wow! Respect! That's quite some achievement!

  • we raised about £3000 for acorns so far likely to go to about £5k :)

  • hats off to you 6 x 5k in a day that is a major achievement

  • Brilliant Ray ! That is some achievement , you should be very proud of yourself !

    Fantastic , how are you feeling today ? :-) xxxx

  • I ache all over. Nothing new I've been aching for nine months since I started this running lark. I had a long hot bath between the 5 and 6th run (I gave up after 5 and then did the final run at Arrow Valley) which helped. I've also got a tickly cough with all the heavy breathing. The reception we got running round the final bend at arrow valley was fantastic. 200 people cheering us on. It was like finishing a marathon at the Olympics.

  • Wow! That's some running! And organisation! Very appropriate that your only tag says 'running' :D

    Sounds like you've got your training plan in hand already. Like you say a slow recovery run before your two at the weekend. I'm sure your body will let you know if it feels otherwise :)

  • the organisation was great, I couldn't have done it. 2 guys (Richard and Rachel) did it all. We got them a pressie for all their hard work making it possible.

    It was really exciting. A mix between a long run and a treasure hunt, with all the driving and sat-naving. I'd never been to any of the parks before, so it was nice to see how other people run. The organisation at Brueton was fab. I think our team will learn a few things from them.

    I like the tag, very appropriate!

  • Fantastic! :)

  • A HUGE well done to you.

    That's a massive achievement. Sounds like it was "fun". Well done again, that's mighty inspirational for us newer runners.

    Rest up today

    Jules xx

  • Brilliant - well done. Which ones did you do? I thought of you in the morning while i was running at Cannon Hill!

  • cannon hill at 7@30

    brueton park, the only official one

    perry hall

    wallsall arboretum

    kingsbury water park

    arrow valley

    I got lost at cannon hill, and had to do and extra bit to come in after the lady I was following most of the course :)

  • Oh wow what an achievement! Amazing. Well done.

  • Brilliant well done and true respect for an amazing set of runs.

  • Amazing - and you did more than you expected!! Well done.

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