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Inadvertently did 5k on W7R3! Yippee!

I've been steadily going through the programme & with these longer runs am finding that 2 days in between runs suits me better so I'm stretching the plan out a bit. Today I ran with an old friend I'm staying with on holiday in Cornwall near where I used to live in the beautiful Tamar valley. We did a woodland trail route which is used as a parkrun and although the app run finished we just carried on & did the full 5k. I am so pleased I had the energy to do this and amazed thinking back to week 1 where I couldn't imagine running for more than 90 seconds! I'm really looking forward to the next 2 weeks & a proper parkrun. Graduation finally feels within my grasp!

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Wow well done. Good luck for W8

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Ooh that run sounds wonderful ! It always helps to have a lovely location. The run seems to pass so much quicker

Of course Graduation is in your grasp! Just go nice and steady. That's all it takes. Slow is fine

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