C25K on hold but did 5k!

I started the programme with my 9 year old but she got left behind a bit and I carried on without her. We have race for life in 2 weeks so we set out to do 5k today any which way we could. We walked a bit ran a bit and managed to do it in 46 minutes. I'm very proud of her as she has had a bit of a rough ride lately. So my C25K is on hold while we just work on increasing out run distance for 5k and I will get back to it afterwards! I have to say I did enjoy going it alone without Laura telling me what to do!

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  • Sounds like a good reason to set it aside for a couple of weeks and lovely that you are running with your daughter. Hope you both enjoy the Race for Life :)

  • Thank you. Our aim is to enjoy it without stressing about how long it takes.

  • Well done to you both and good luck with the race for life :),

  • Thank you

  • Hope you both enjoy the race!

  • Thanks. We will

  • Have a brilliant time running with your daughter and preparing g for R4L. Laura can wait, she won't mind! :)

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