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Couch to 5k - one year on...


In a couple of days it will be one year since I graduated from the Couch to 5k plan. I'm still getting out two to three times a week for my runs and still really enjoying it! It's also coming up for a year since I made my Parkrun debut, clocking a time of 28:42. Last weekend I ran number 10 (work means I am often working on Saturdays) and set a new PB of 26:28 :-)

So for everyone still progressing through the programme, keep at it and definitely find your nearest Parkrun. It's a great measure of your progress, especially after graduation.

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Congratulations on runniversary and PB


congrates on PB and anniversary ... really nice to hear as I graduated today and plan a park run once can do 5k near to 30 mins -- slower than that currently

Richard7Graduate in reply to Wannabefit19

I checked out the times on some of my local Park Runs and whilst there are some cracking times on there - some go up to 50+ minutes!! But having said that I plan to start them once graduated and can actually run for 5k - but don’t want to be the slowest!!

Wannabefit19Graduate in reply to Richard7

Will check out ours too

lyndamoragGraduate in reply to Wannabefit19

Please don't wait to start parkrun , you are missing out so much. It takes me around 40-45 minutes and I have only run it fully twice. Normally I run/ walk it but love it anyway. This week I volunteered to tailwalk and we came in 54.30 and I received a thank you from the two parkrun er's I was run/ walking with as one got a PB and one said it was her best time for a few months, also a c25k graduate that ran 14min faster thanks to we encouraging her on through her strata account even though we had never met yet. It was my 47th parkrun and we always have lots of c25k members and other groups like fitmums etc. Please, please go as soon as you can and let me know how you get on.

Wannabefit19Graduate in reply to lyndamorag

That's reassuring ... will find out more re local ones and give it ago . Only ran with hubby in quiet places and quite self conscious but guess I need to pull up my big girl pants and do it ... thanks for the encouragement

lyndamoragGraduate in reply to Wannabefit19

Please don't wait to start parkrun , it helps with your training, and I know that not all parkrun er's have ran it in under 30 minutes. Lots run/ walk, some run with dogs or push children in prams. Join and get your parkrun for when you do go, that barcode is your for life, you can use it at any parkrun around the world. Yes people even parkrun on there holidays . Look at the results from the parkrun you want to attend , it gives you an idea of the times most people run. Still not sure , go alone and watch , get a feel of it. With that barcode in hand you don't have to do the 5k, you can volunteer to Marshall, hand out finish tokens, check out the future volunteers roster on line or ask when you get there . Please let me know what you think. It is better to work your way from the back than wait till you can start by winning , you miss out on so much, and delay getting to know your fellow runners.


Happy Runaversary :)


Happy runnaversary!! Good to hear you’re still at it but most of all still enjoying it 😊

Happy 1 year runaversary! And congrats on the new PB! That is a smokin' time!

Wow nice pb.

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